Kekeris Yachts M.C.P.Y.

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Kekeris Yachts M.C.P.Y. / Kalamaki

Kalamaki (Athens) 16 Yachts
Offers from 1290.00 €
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Kekeris Yachts M.C.P.Y. / Preveza

Preveza 7 Yachts
Offers from 1410.00 €
VeryGoodKekeris Yachts M.C.P.Y.
4944.69 / 5
Very Good

494 Reviews for Kekeris Yachts M.C.P.Y.
latest by "Achim" on 30 Mar 2024
  • 5.00
    "Very helpful personel, fast and detailed process."
  • 5.00
    "Christina and technical staff were very helpful and attentive to our needs"
  • 5.00
    "Kristina and Eriikos were extremely helpful,, nice and professional "
  • 4.43
    "Everyone was super helpful, and we appreciated the help when issues came up"
  • 4.47
    "Angelo and Yvet very competent and good humor."
  • 4.93
    "We needed an emergency skipper and it was arranged very quickly."
  • 4.83
    "Very warm and attentive welcome. We were immediately welcomed and taken care off. Keep on doing so - we felt very well treated."
  • 5.00
    " Very friendly and efficient communication. All perfect!"
  • 4.71
    "Everything was quick and well managed. Thank you."
  • 4.87
    "Very friendly and helpful base team who are knowledgable and happy to explain things."
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