February 01 2024

My 6 Must-Visit Mediterranean Sailing Spots

Today I will share with you the top 6 of my favourite sailing departure ports in the Mediterranean. These ports have in common that sailing from there you will be in a boaters paradise right from the start. Furthermore, you can reach within a one week journey a set of wonderful authentic islands.

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November 19 2022

5 Monetary Advantages of Chartering vs. Buying a Yacht

The benefits of chartering a yacht far outweigh the advantages of yacht ownership when you consider the costs and obligations associated with purchasing one. Owning a yacht is an expensive and often fruitless investment that only makes sense if you spend several months a year on the water. Let’s look at 5 monetary advantages of chartering a yacht versus buying one.

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February 11 2021

Mask Free Vacations - is this possible in 2021?

Since ever, travelling and exploring was a basic need of humans. During the season 2020 we have learned that boat rental is one of the most resilient forms of spending vacations with family and friends. While airlines and hotels lost 80 - 90% of their reservations, many boat rentals stations were fully booked during the summer holidays. No wonder - where else you can maintain a safe distance from other tourists while exploring the destination?

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June 03 2020

Country Openings for Summer Sailing 2020

Thanks to the calming-down of the Corona issues, Europe is finally opening up its borders for yacht charter holiday makers! This means that you are allowed to travel from certain dates on into the Mediterranean countries listed below in order to embark on a rented charter yacht. 

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May 05 2019

The 10 Most Popular Monohull Sailing Yachts of the Charter Season 2019

Which are the most popular sailboats of the charter season 2019? The survey was done by YachtSys using Big Data from 330 charter fleets with around 5,000 yachts in 600 international ports. Only operations on monohull sailboats made by charter agencies or by charter customers were used for the statistic. In this article we reveal the TOP 10 charter boats of the year 2019 and present their characteristics which are relevant for a yacht charter vacation.

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February 28 2019

Latest Trends - Where Sailors go in 2019?

The yacht business is booming - in January 2019, the worlds biggest watersport show, the BOOT in Düsseldorf broke all visitor and exhibitor records. This is an excellent moment to present some insights into the international boat rental markets.  Which are the most requested destinations for sailing vacations in 2019? In this article we reveal the pre-booking trends for European boat rental countries (Data from February 2019).

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April 30 2018

Dufour Charter Yachts from Palma de Mallorca

„Charter Del Mar“ is a charter base in Palma on the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca. After having worked in the charter business for many years, Gerton Bijlholt and Judith Poorting started their own charter base in the season 2014. Read more about their Dufour charter yacht fleet.

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September 12 2017

Hurricane Irma - How it affects the Caribbean Yacht Charter Destinations

During the last days many concerned clients called to ask us about the situation in the Caribbean Yacht Charter Destinations after the Hurricane “Irma” had passed this region. From direct feedback of our charter fleet partners and public sources in the Caribbean we plotted the situation as described in the article below.

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October 10 2016

The Seychelles - Do you know the ABCs of sailing this archipelago?

The beaches of the Seychelles archipelago are amongst the most famous in the world and have featured in many movies and advertising spots. Sailing here means you get to experience this dream-like scenery first-hand. Admire stunning coral atolls, rich wildlife that is unique to this archipelago, lush mountains and colonial architecture. The conditions for yacht charter are perfect with year-round tropical temperatures and calm waters. Find out here about the ABCs of sailing this amazing archipelago.

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October 10 2016

Caribbean Sea - Facts that help you have the charter of your life

The Caribbean Sea is one of the largest seas in the world. The possibilities to explore all the diverse and interesting islands are vast. You can dive in the most amazing waters or play plenty of other water sports. Go shopping, play golf, admire beautiful colonial architecture and sample the varied cuisine prepared by friendly locals. Enjoy the typical relaxed Caribbean lifestyle, sipping on rum cocktails listening to steel drums while you watch the sunset. Here we have compiled the facts that help you to have the yacht charter of your life.

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