September 26 2016

Thailand - 5 questions you want to get answered for your boating vacation

Thailand´s beaches have featured in many world famous movies and it´s an incredible experience to sail your charter yacht around those beautiful islands. The friendly locals, interesting culture, brilliant cuisine and rich wildlife as well as stunning landscape will all contribute to your ideal charter experience. The tropical climate moderated by monsoon winds makes sailing trips possible throughout the year. And countless islands with a vast amount of coastline offer never-ending options for itineraries. In the following we answer 5 crucial questions you have when going on a boating holiday in Thailand.

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September 26 2016

Canary Islands - Challenges and highlights of sailing the Atlantic

Sailing in the Canaries is pure bliss. There are two different climates due to the gulf stream near the easternmost islands. This creates a vast array of landscapes for you to enjoy. The seven main islands are bursting with rich wildlife, interesting culture and fun things to do. The cruising grounds are large and a brilliant territory for the experienced sailor. So let us tell you about the challenges and and highlights of sailing in the Atlantic.

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June 03 2016

Cross-border traffic – Sailing between Greece and Turkey

Sailing between Orient and Occident — meaning between Greece and Turkey – is something that many charter crews would like to experience on a trip. We keep having numerous enquiries as to if and how this multiple crossing of the borders can be done. We report about a cruise that tested this out.

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January 05 2016

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Extra fun on your charter holiday

Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP has developped into a proper trend sport on the water during the last years. Why is that? Paddling with a SUP board is easy to learn for everyone, plus the board is light and can be set up very quickly. For that reason SUP boards are being taken on charter trips more and more often now. Here are some useful hints on to what to bear in mind.

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December 29 2015

Espalmador - Caribbean-like beaches on the Balearics

The island Espalmador lying only a few sea miles away from Ibiza town is one of the most attractive destinations for yachting. Here, one can splash around in clear shallow water, watch other people, go on a bar crawl, or just watch one‘s yacht swing at the buoy.

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December 28 2015

Dubrovnik - Magical gateway to the Croatian island paradise

Dubrovnik or the "Pearl of the Adria", as it is also called, is an incredibly beautiful city in the South of Croatia. We tell you where to moor up with your yacht and what there is to do when you're visiting this amazing town.

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October 07 2015

Who is afraid of sea sickness?

Though I have been sailing since childhood, there is still one big menace every time I leave the harbour: Will I get seasick, or will everything be fine this time? Sea sickness is a dread for newbie sailors as well as for experienced Skippers.

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August 30 2015

VIP Spotting: The Hot Spots for your yacht charter holiday

Eager to see how Kate Moss, Bono or Bernie Ecclestone are spending their holiday? Yachtbooker reveals some hot spots for meeting VIPs - and gives some important hints how to live a VIP lifestyle on your yacht charter holiday.

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August 04 2015

Top 10: Superyachts of the Rich & Famous

Is there a better status symbol than a super yacht? For ages, the rich & famous around the world have been fighting for building the biggest, the fastest or the most expensive yacht of the world – just to see the record smashed within a short period of time.

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April 30 2015

Better safe than sorry: Care about insurance before your yacht charter holiday starts

Have you already booked your next yacht charter holiday? Congratulations! But let´s talk about insurance before you leave on a jetplane. Sure, there are nicer things to think about than crashes, a discussion about the deposit or the lost winch handle. But choosing an insurance that fits your needs may prevent you from severe financial loss.

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