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October 07 2015

Who is afraid of sea sickness?

Though I have been sailing since childhood, there is still one big menace every time I leave the harbour: Will I get seasick, or will everything be fine this time? Sea sickness is a dread for newbie sailors as well as for experienced Skippers.

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August 30 2015

VIP Spotting: The Hot Spots for your yacht charter holiday

Eager to see how Kate Moss, Bono or Bernie Ecclestone are spending their holiday? Yachtbooker reveals some hot spots for meeting VIPs - and gives some important hints how to live a VIP lifestyle on your yacht charter holiday.

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August 04 2015

Top 10: Superyachts of the Rich & Famous

Is there a better status symbol than a super yacht? For ages, the rich & famous around the world have been fighting for building the biggest, the fastest or the most expensive yacht of the world – just to see the record smashed within a short period of time.

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April 30 2015

Better safe than sorry: Care about insurance before your yacht charter holiday starts

Have you already booked your next yacht charter holiday? Congratulations! But let´s talk about insurance before you leave on a jetplane. Sure, there are nicer things to think about than crashes, a discussion about the deposit or the lost winch handle. But choosing an insurance that fits your needs may prevent you from severe financial loss.

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March 11 2015

"Know your enemy" or: Why it´s crucial to do a crew meeting before the yacht charter holiday

I have always considered it overcautious to do a crew meeting before a yacht charter holiday. Hey – what could be the worst thing to happen? A sailing trip in Croatia with a couple I thought I knew pretty well has changed my mind. Ever since then, I insist on clarifying some important topics in advance.

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March 06 2015

Sail the Dodecanese - going south from Kos to Tinos via Nisiros

Starting your yacht charter holiday from the island of Kos or Rhodes, a lot of beautiful islands or islets will attract your attention so that you can easily spend two weeks exploring the area. To give you an idea of what to see and to do during your holiday, we will now take you on a trip through the Dodecanese, starting in Kos Marina.

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March 05 2015

Sunny Melon Punch - "in whole fruits"

Serve this delicious Melon Punch - in "whole fruits" right out of the melon´s bowl and be sure that your crew will call you "head of beverage" afterwards (no need to tell them how easy-peasy the whole thing is done ...)

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February 26 2015

Discover the Turkish Aegean Coast one way

On the south-eastern coast of Turkey, between Turgutreis and Fethiye, lies one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the Med. Be it bustling ports, hidden anchorages or archaeological sites – there are a lot of amazing things to discover. New one way offers and low flight rates make a charter holiday on the Turkish Aegean coast even more attractive. Join us for a one way trip!

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February 09 2015

8 facts you should know about Caribbean sun

Let´s be honest: Coming home with a gorgeous tan is one of the important objectives of a yacht charter holiday in the Caribbean, at least for female crews. Well, there is nothing bad about tanning - but you should consider these 8 facts about the Caribbean sun before spreading your towel aboard the charter yacht. 

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January 15 2015

Top Ten anchorages in the Caribbean

Need inspiration for your next yacht charter holiday? Yachtbooker reveals 10 of the most beautiful anchorages in the Caribbean.

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