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Specials & Last Minute Offers


Yacht Charter Holidays at Best Price

Renting a sailing yacht or motorboat is an amazing way to spend your holiday. Getting your charter yacht for the Best Price is even more fun. We filtered below Last-Minute-Deals for the most wanted harbors in the Mediterranean that have a minimum discount of 20%. Just select another date or country to filter for other discounted yacht charters or Early-Booking-Deals for the next season.

What types of reduced price offers for yacht charter are there?

One of the most classic types of special offer is the last minute deal. You can get this for all boat models, i.e. for houseboat charter, motor or sailing yacht hire respectively catamaran rental. If you are able to plan spontaneously and can be flexible with the dates and the type of yacht you would like to hire, you get to benefit from some great reduced price offers. Last minute offers are usually available from May on. As already stated, you just need to be open regarding the choice of destination, the boat model and equipment as well as exact dates.

Towards the end of the yachting season prices get reduced due to the slightly cooler temperatures. For the Mediterranean countries this is the case around about the end of October. And there are some highly attractive early booking incentives for the following year that you might be interested in when planning your sailing holiday. You can benefit from early booking rates for the Med season up until about end of January of the year that your charter will take place.

On certain holidays in the pre-season like Easter or Pentecost there may also be great special packages on offer. This is a good opportunity for you and your family to get a last minute deal for a charter during the school holidays. So don´t hesitate to contact us and enquire for one of those amazing deals!

If you are open to do a one-way sailing trip, we can select a good discounted one for you. Sometimes providers need to relocate a yacht from one port to another and rent the bareboat charter yacht to skippers at a reduced rate. There is also another form of classic one-way sailing or motor yacht charter: Often providers offer an especially attractive one-way itinerary – like for example Athens to Kos – at a higher price because it is very popular and the winds are favourable in this direction. So the opposite way, i.e. taking the boat back to Athens, gets priced much lower and if you are either an experienced sailor or interested in doing this route as a crewed / skippered yacht charter this may be your chance to get it at a great rate.

How can I select special offers for my next yacht charter?

Use our Special Offers page to find the best deals at the best prices or the biggest discounts for yacht charters.

At the moment we have about 4,500 yachts to choose from and out of that at any time you’ll find discounted prices starting from 5% to anywhere over 50%.

In order for you to find the best last minute offers, we have created this special page where you can browse through our entire database in just seconds. All you have to do is enter the location you wish to travel to, the duration of the trip as well as the type of yacht you wish to charter and at the end select the minimum value of the discount you’re looking for. With a little bit of luck, you’ll find significant discounts for boats in the period you’re interested in and in the location of your choosing.

The results are shown in a list below the search boxes, with YachtCheck certified yachts as well as yachts reviewed by previous customers appearing first, marked in yellow. Keep in mind that most substantial discounts are made in periods prior or after the general tourist season and in large marinas. This will help you track down either some early booking discounts worth taking into account or some last minute yacht charter deals that will help you save your holiday budget.

In which sailing destinations should I be looking for special offers on a boat rental?

The seasonal discounts apply generally speaking rather for the Mediterranean sailing territories as opposed to the tropical regions. Charter providers regularly have attractive special offers in countries such as Greece, Croatia, Italy and Spain mainland. Off course at the moment there is a high capacity for discounted charter in Turkey, which may be subject to change but could right now allow you to enjoy a greatly priced sailing holiday in a beautiful place.
Looking for great deals?

If you have open questions regarding any boat types or yacht charter destinations don´t hesitate to click on the button below. Fill out the search form and our experts will get back to you immediately with the most competitive quote.

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