Catamaran Charter in Greece

    Catamaran Charters Greece

    Rent a crewed catamaran or skipper yourself - explore the Greek Islands!


    Why Greece is the most wanted sailing destination for catamaran rental worldwide?

    The Islands of Greece are magnificient and authentic. You can cross the whole Aegean ArchipelagoIonian Sea, Sporades and Dodecanese Islands just by hopping from one island to another. Distances between the main island ports are often less than 30 seamiles. Especially the Cyclades, with the renowned islands Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos and Ios are very popular for sailboat yacht charters. The islands have often limited infrastructure, which many sailors nowadays consider to be a paradise because this is the kind of escape and experience they were comming for. In such sailing destinations it is a great decision to charter a catamaran yacht. Such a multihull yacht has spacious cabins which offer much more space and comfort than a monohull. A "Cat" is just fantastic to spend the nights out, anchoring in bays. While mooring outside a port, a catamaran has more stability and bounces less when there is swell. Therefore catamaran charters are perfect to do Island-Hopping in Greece. When you anyway have a "floating apartment", like a multihull is more or less, there is no need to squeeze into a tight marina. You just anchor in wonderful bays and enjoy the quite nights outside the packed harbor towns. If you still have to go ashore or to town, catamarans usually have a robust tender, which can be easily floated from the davits.
    To get some inspiration, just watch this amazing video about some couples enjoying a catamaran rental in Ionian Islands during summer 2018. For this sailing holidays the bareboat yacht was chartered with our partner company Kavas Yachting from their base in Lefkas

    How much cost catamaran charter in Greece?

    Catamaran charters in Greece cost between 2,500 and 10,000 Euro per week. If you want to hire a skipper, you have to add 1,200 Euro per week. For a hostess you have to calculate another 1,000 Euro weekly, if you want someone to cook and cleanup for you. The cheapest months for sailing holidays in Greece year are November until April. The highest rental rates you pay from mid July until mid September. This price seems high? Just divide the weekly catmaran rental price through the maximum number of guests and days. You will notice that you can rent a catamaran with a group of 8 people from less than 50 Euro per day and person. The costs for provisioning, fuel and mooring fees come on top of it. But those costs are variable and depend very much on your demands and habits. For hiring a brandnew 50 feet crewed catamaran you can to pay up to 2,000 Euro per day. But this ranks already as a private luxury cruise and has therefore a higher level of expense. 


    Discovering the Ionian Islands with your family on a sailing catamaran

    Discovering the Ionian Islands with your family on a sailing catamaran

    Which are the best Islands to sail to in the Greek Archipelagos?

    The most popular Mediterranean islands among multihull sailors are definitely the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.

    No doubt - most Greece catamaran sailors are attracted by the well know islands like Mykonos, Santorin, Paros, Ios or Naxos. From the landside touristic infrastructure those are surely well developed. Also they have their own airports. You will find the pictures of those bare rocky islands scattered over with white tiny houses on the title page of every story about Greece. But those most famous Aegean Islands have some disadvantages for sailors, especially for bigger boats. Those islands have limited marina and harbour space. Often there is no shore power available. Water sometimes have to be ordered by phone and will be delivered by a tank truck. Do not expect mooring ropes - you will have to throw your own anchor. During summer season the few berths are very much requested. You likely will have to enter the port before high noon to find a free berth, which is spacious enough for mooring your catamaran. Also be aware of that Mykonos, Andros and Tinos are very badly situated when the Meltemi blows strongly, because there is a kind of jet effect between these islands. In such a period, the northerly wind can blow with more than 7 Beaufort and waves reach a height of 4 meter. You might get trapped in the harbour for some days. This could spoil your whole intinerary, especially if you have only chartered the boat only for a single week.

    When sailing on a catamaran, we recommend to visit the Cyclades Archipelago that are less renowned. There are dozends of undiscovered islands, we just like to name some of them that we visited personally. We recommend to visit Kea, Kythnos, Siros, Sifnos, Serifos and Milos on your "cat holiday". Those islands offer plenty of natural unspoiled bays with crystal clear water. Those beaches are usually free of 'banana boat riders' and other noisy entertainment but still enough developed for you to find lovely beach taverns with authentic Greek food. In times when the Meltemi blows, you will always find on those islands secure anchorages with enough space to sway around at anchor.

    Just to give you a teaser for your Cyclades Island Hopping: A visit of the port village of Serifos, called Livadi, is a must on your catamaran holiday in Greece. Serifos lays in a well-protected natural bay. There is plenty of space for anchoring right in front of the village or its beach. It has a nice little port with a couple of dozen berths directly at the waterfront. The ferryboats from Pireus stop here on their itinerary through the Cycladic Islands. In Livadi you find little shops where you can complete your groceries. Some nice authentic taverns and cafes line up at the waterline, providing a fantastic place for your lunch or dinner. In the evening you should take the shuttle bus ride up the winding road to the Chora (15 minutes). The Chora of Serifos is a picturesque town, positioned on a peak high above the sea level. From there you have an amazing view over the bay and the Aegean Islands while enjoying a sundowner. Climb up the way to the Church of Agios Konstantinos. From there you might walk down the narrow alleys back to Livadi in less then an hour. Just follow the stairways leading down on the south side of the Chora. You will pass through traditional white Greek houses and small porches and backyards greened with flowers and trees.

    Tipp for the day on Serifos: Just 300 meter south of Livadi port, there is a wonderful half-moon shaped bay with sand and fine gravel. This is a perfect place to go for a swim or spend the day just anchoring and relaxing.

    A charter catamaran anchoring in a bay of a Greek Island
    A charter catamaran anchoring in a bay of a Greek Island

    What is the difference between a catamaran vacation in Greece and Croatia?

    When sailing on a catamaran in the Greek Islands you will notice that the most islands have a distance of around 10 to 30 seamiles. In Croatia, the islands are much closer. The distance is often below 10 seamiles. Besides, the shape of the Greek islands is rather round while the majority of Croatian Islands stretched long, parallel to the coastline. This costal geography leads to the fact that sailing between the Aegean Archipelago can be quite challenging, because there can be rough sea when the wind blows strong. In Croatia, almost everywhere you can hide leewards behind the long islands. The conditions in the Sporades, Saronic Gulf and the Ionian Islands are moderate. In these regions, there is no Meltemi, therefore those are well suited for new-comers and families, like the Croatian Archipelago.

    The winds you should have heard about when sailing in Greece or Croatia, are the Meltemi and the Bora. The Meltemi can blow strongly until galeforce in the Aegean Sea from Northeast to Southwest during Summertime. The Bora is a cold wind that falls down from the costal ridges towards the croatian coast. It blows preferently in winter months up to multiple days. In summer the Bora is rare in often blows only for one day.


    From which ports in Greece I can rent a sailing catamaran?

    You can rent boats for your catamaran sailing holiday in Greece from seven different ports.

    The favourite harbours to begin a catamaran vacation in the Cyclades are the Marina Alimos in Kalamaki, a costal town of Athens, or the port of Lavrion next to Cap Sounion. Both ports are easy to reach from the airport of Athens (ATH) by express bus or even better by taxi. If you want to go on a crewed yacht, Kalamaki offers many options for your sailing vacation.
    If you want to explore the Ionian Islands, you should search for catamaran rentals in Lefkas or Preveza if you fly to Preveza airport. The Marina Gouvia, some miles north of Corfu town, is another hotspot for boat rentals. The international airport of Corfu is only a 15 minutes ride from the Marina. A real pearl in the Ionian is the little island Antipaxos. If you want to know what it means to sail with friends on a multihull to this island, just watch this video.

    You can reach Antipaxos by renting a catamaran from Corfu, Preveza or Lefkas. The sailing trip there will take half a day from these ports.

    For catamaran cruises in the Dodecanese Archipelago, you should charter from the Marina in Kos Island or Rhodes Marina. Both islands are easy to reach via their own airports, which are frequently served by national, international and low-cost airlines.

    Young sailors enjoying their catamaran holiday in Greece
    Sailors on a catamaran

    Which companies in Greece offer Catamaran yacht charters?

    There are more than 30 charter companies offering catamaran rentals in Greece. But not all greek companies have catamarans in every port. Most boat rental brands operate only from specific homeports. Therefore we recommend to navigate to our Greece Page from where you can select the wanted departure port. On relevant port page you can filter for catamaran boats.

    The Greek Ports, like here Lindos, are perfect to visit with a rented yacht 
    The Greek Ports are perfect to visit with a rented yacht

    Do I need a license to skipper a catamaran in Greek Waters?

    If you intend to rent a bareboat catamaran in Greece and steer it on your own, you need a license as Coastal skipper, Yachtmaster, ICC or Sportbootführerschein See. An expeption might be for sailors that have the nationality of a country where there is by law no license required to skipper such a boat. But even in such cases be prepared, you definitely have to prove your knowledge of seamanship with a skipper CV. It can also happen that you will also have to demonstrate your skills during a kind of extended check-in procedure.

    Additionally, in Greece it is mandatory that one of the guests will be named in the crew-list as the "Co-Skipper". Such a co-skipper has to confirm that he is able to steer the boat in case the skipper is not able to do his job. Usually there are no papers requested from the Co-Skipper.

    In case you are a licensed skipper but you are new into catamaran sailing: We recommed to hire a professional skipper for the first one or two days. During this time, the pro-skipper can instruct you about maneuvring a cat. You will feel safer and you get faster into catamaran sailing, avoiding mistakes.

    If you do not have a skipper license you can still rent a bareboat catamaran and hire a professional skipper. Such skippers are provides by the local charter company. Most of the catmarans with 50 feet length and more can anyway only be chartered as crewed yachts.

    Relaxing on the net of a catamaran while hopping the Greek Cyclades
    Relaxing on the net of a catamaran while hopping the Greek Cyclades

    Which is the best period for a catamaran charter in Greece?

    The best months for catamaran charters in Greece are April to October. If you require warm water you better not start before June. The best cost/experience relation for a cat rental on the Greek Islands are June to Mid July and September to Mid October. Why not August? The August weeks are very hot. The moorings in the little habours are fully occupied. The rental prices are the highest. This is why we recommend to avoid the highest season weeks.

    Moored catamaran sailboats at the south coast of Milos
    Catamaran Rentals Greece

    How can I find the Best Deals for renting a catamaran in the Ionian or Aegean Sea?

    The Best Deals for catamaran rentals you will get when booking at least 6 months in advance. You will still find the favourite cat models in booking engines like our YachtFinder. In Greece, Early Booking Discounts range between 10 - 25%. On Special Listings you will see already selected Top-Deals for cat charters in the Greek Islands. If you are lucky, there might be still multihull offers left as Last-Minute Discounts - usually less than 4 weeks before the travel date.

    Is it possible to charter a luxury catamaran with crew?

    Yes, crewed catamarans can be rented from all major departure ports in Greece. Bigger multihulls from 50 feet lenght upward usually have a fixed skipper and hostess that are always on the boat. For the summer months, those crewed charters are best to book at least a couple of months in advance. But if you have to take a last-minute decision, you could still hope to find an available bareboat catamaran and hire a skipper as additional service extra.

    Can I rent a catamaran in Greece only for a day?

    Yes, you can rent catamarans for only one day. But daily rentals are only possible if it is a crewed boat with a skipper. Such catamaran daycharters are preferently offered by local operators on the Greek Islands. Often these are skippers living on their own boats and offer daily excursions for tourists that are already on the spot. Also you have to consider that it is difficult to charter catamarans on a daily base for high season months because those periods are often booked out in advance for weekly charters. 

    Why there are almost no catamaran charters departing from the Cyclades Islands?

    The leading bareboat yacht fleets that provide rentals into the Cyclades have their homeports in Kalamaki (Athens) or Lavrion. The Cyclades Islands themselves have a genereally a weak marine infrastructure. There are only few berths in their little ports for leisure boats. Those circumstances make it hard for big boat rental companies to guarantee perfect charter services and professional maintenance. Boat rental operators operating on the islands usually have some smaller boats in daycharters or are skippers living on the boats they offer for crewed charters. This explains, why the biggest selection of catamaran charters cannot be found on the Cyclades Islands. Better charter from Kalamaki or Lavrion if you want to have a sailing holiday in the Aegean Sea.

    Which skills are required to steer a catamaran by myself?

    Basically you need the same skills for steering a catamaran as you would need for sailing a monohull. The two catamaran engines that work separately is not only a plus for safety but also is an advantage when maneuvring a boat in a small port, like those on the Greek Islands.

    When steering a catamaran for the first time, you will quickly notice that tacking against the wind is not the easiest job for a multihull sailboat. Calculate your itinerary wise when returning from the Cyclades or Dodecanese to the charter bases in Kalamaki or Lavrion. If you can expect Meltemi with high waves from the North, you will might have to give up sailing back your catamaran. It might require to switch on the engines to make any significant speed forward.

    On multihulls you have relatively big battened main sails. So not a roller-reefing system. This means you should be familiar with setting the main sail properly and also be able to reef it. This is a more complex job than just rolling in the main sail into the mast when the wind gets a bit too rough. On some catamaran boats you will even need a person on the fore deck to assist. Another aspect is that a cat has no keel. Therefore it tends to have a bigger lateral drift than a keelboat.

    Where should I sail to in the Aegean Islands if I prefer moderate seas and low winds?

    The Saronic Gulf is very suited for yacht charter crews that prefer less wind and protected waters. This is especially recommendable for families with small kids or skipper new-comers. In the Saronic Gulf you can sail within one week an itinerary over the islands Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses and the port of Epidauros. In the following video you can follow 9 friends cruising with their rented cat through the Saronic Gulf having a lot of fun. The footage also captured some nice land-based activities and experiences.

    The catamaran, a Lagoon 450 model, was chartered from the YachtBooker partner Kavas Yachting in Marina Alimos, Kalamaki (Athens).

    We hope that this article could answer some of your questions you had about catamaran charter in Greece. If you got inspired and want to get more information, just contact our catamaran expert with the red contact button in the banner below. Else just check for Greece catamaran offers via the YachtFinder
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