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What kind of yachting services are offered by Sailway in Vigo?

Sailway is a boat rental company in Vigo, Galicia, the northwest corner of Spain. The business of the yacht charter operator also includes sailing school activities and nautical experiences.

Logo of Company Sailway S.L. in Vigo

The company has a fleet of 15 sailboats and motorboats for overnight charters or daycharters. Their homebase is in the Real Club Náutico in Vigo. Vigo is the capital of Galicia. The port lays some miles inside the Vigo Estuary, which is the southest of the Rías Baixas in Galicia.

The charter base of Sailway in the Club Nautico of Vigo
Sailway charter base in the Club Nautico of Vigo

Which yachts can be chartered from Sailway?

You can rent 15 boats from Sailway in Vigo. Ten yachts of the charter fleet are sailboats, which you can charter with or without skipper. The sailboats are from the renowned brands Jeanneau, Beneteau, Elan, Bavaria, Ronautica and Dufour. If sailing is not your thing, than you can select from 5 powerboats and motor yachts between 6 and 9 m length. All boats are equipped with the necessary safety equipment to ensure a careless escape with your family or friends.

Why you should start your sailing vacation in the Ría de Vigo?

The Estuaries of the Rías Baixas are a unique sailing destination that is characterised by the smooth transition of the coastal river inlet of Vigo into the Atlantic Ocean. The river inlet is protected from the swell of the Atlantic by the stunning Cíes Islands, which ensures save sailing conditions.

View over the Cíes islands
Sailing destination Cíes Islands
The Cíes Islands form a marine-terrestrial park. Its white sanded "Rodas Beach" was awarded by the Guardian as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The German sailor magazine Blauwasser describes in its sailing report about Galicia also a boat charter excursion to the Cíes archipelago. 

The islands of the Gallic Coast are well protected because of their wildlife.

Rhodas Beach Anchorage with Morning Mist
Rhodas Beach on a foggy morning


White sand beaches of the Cíes Islands
White sand beaches and great anchor spots
The Ría de Vigo is not the only area to sail in Galicia. Just 10 miles north you can enter again another estuary, called Ría de Pontevedra. In addition, this inlet is protected by a unique set of islands called the Isla de Ons. Furthermore, this archipelago is a nature park, but you can easily apply for the permission to sail her on your own keel.

Sailing ship leaving the Port de Ferrol in Galicia
Sailing Ship leaving the Port of Ferrol Galicia Spain

Going further north, sailors can explore even more estuaries. The Ría de Arousa, the Ría de Muros e Noia, the Ría de Corcubión and the Ría de Camarinas.

Inside the fjordlike estuaries, sailors can find lots of bays with sandy beaches, which are inviting to throw the anchor and rest for a while.

The houses of Galicia are traditionally built with granite rock. This makes them very resistant and the historic architecture is well preserved. Along the shores of the rías you can visit such old fishermen villages.

Fishermen houses built with granite stone
Granite stone fishermen houses at Combarro

If you start you yacht charter vacation from Vigo, you can easily spend in between one week and 14 days to visit all the highlights of this amazing coast.

Besides its natuaral beauty of the Rías Coast, the port of Vigo is the capital of fishing in Spain. No wonder that the local seafood restaurants can offer a wide variety of the freshest fish and mussels you could imagine.

Delicous seafood & wine from Galicia is a great match!
Delicious seafood plates of Galicia

Which is the best period to sail with Sailways from Vigo?

Good sailing weather you can find between April and October. During the summer months, air temperature on sunny days climb over 25°C. Be prepared that it also can rain in this part of Spain.  The morning hours can be foggy in Spring and Autumn. The water temperatures reach 20°C in August.

Sailors Summary: If you have not been chartering in Galicia, than it is definitely time to discover this unique sailing destination in the northwest part of Spain. Vigo is the optimal habor to rent a yacht for overnight yacht charters and experience sailing between inlets and the Atlantic Ocean. In 1 or 2 weeks you can visit various beautiful islands and estuaries. During the nights you can anchor in front of white sandy beaches or retreat in save and modern marinas. The gastronomy highlights, the fresh Atlantic seafood combined with Gallic wine, will add a special memory on an unforgettable boating vacation.

Charter base location for Sailway / Vigo

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