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What this resort lacks in terms in nightlife entertainment, it surely makes up with the lovely beaches and quiet getaway atmosphere that seems to draw a significant number of sailors here year after year. It's the perfect place to bring your family for a holiday by the sea.

General Info
Before we get into describing this quiet and quaint resort, it’s worth mentioning that though it’s located on the island of Mallorca, this is by no means a wild place full of parties like some of the other Balearic towns, it’s more like a peaceful retreat where you can bring your family for a little time off.

Ca’n Pastilla is located on the eastern side of the Bay of Palma which means it’s more peaceful than the more wild western side where you’ll find Palma and a range of other resorts that are suited for the younger crowds of .

Travel & Arrival
Though small and relatively outside the regular circuit, Ca’n Pastilla is virtually right next to the Palma airport, making it very accessible from any part of Europe, since this airport is the gateway to the Balearic Islands. Just a 15 or 20 minutes ride separates you from the beaches of Ca’n Pastilla once you tough down here.

Ferries don’t arrive directly at the local harbor, but Palma harbor is just 9km away and it has numerous routes from across the Mediterranean, not just Spain, linking with the rest of the Balearic islands too. Mahon, Ibiza town, Valencia, Denia or Barcelona all have boats arriving here, for the hordes of tourists.

Avant & Apres Sail
It’s generally understood that the eastern side of Mallorca is quintessentially British, while the western part is frequented more by German groups. However, there isn’t much to be visited, as the town is just one main street with the small parish church of Sant Antonio de la Playa, the harbor and the yacht club marina. This is because up until the 60s this was nothing more than a sleepy fishing village along the coast. However, there is plenty of sightseeing to be done in neighboring Palma.

The harbor is also the perfect place to head to if you’re looking for a nice dinner out in town. Here, you’ll find restaurants that specialize in the exotic and tasty Catalan cuisine but also in international dishes, especially for the travelers that crave a taste from back home. Fish dishes like the dried sardines served with paella will go well with the Mediterranean atmosphere.

As far as entertainment after dark goes, many of the restaurants by the promenade double up as bars, some with a distinct British feel to cater to the numerous regulars that come here from the Isles.

Events & Actions
They say the beaches in Ca’n Pastilla are among some of the best in this part of the Mediterranean, and they extend all the way to Palma, with lots of sun beds so there are really no crowded days here, just people having fun. young and old alike can also have fun at one of the biggest waterparks in Europe that can be found in the vicinity of the town. The promenade is also great for strolls and bike rides and generally a quiet outing at dusk.

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