Sardinia / Portisco

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Portisco - The Exclusive Port for Your Sailing Holiday at the Costa Smeralda


Bali 5.4
€ 13855

Sardinia / Portisco

SailingyachtCrewed boat2020
6Cabins 13 + 2Berths 8Toilets 16.2 mLength
Lagoon 52
€ 13500
Lagoon 52 Big Mama

Sardinia / Portisco

SailingyachtCrewed boat2019
5Cabins 10 + 2Berths 5Toilets 15.84 mLength
Lagoon 380
€ 3850
Lagoon 380 Naos

Sardinia / Portisco

4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 11.6 mLength
Bali 4.1
€ 3010
Bali 4.1 Eleftheria

Sardinia / Portisco

4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 12.35 mLength
Bali 4.3
€ 3872
Bali 4.3 Pandora

Sardinia / Portisco

6Cabins 10Berths 4Toilets 12.6 mLength
Lagoon 50
€ 10500
Lagoon 50

Sardinia / Portisco

SailingyachtCrewed boat2018
6Cabins 12 + 2Berths 14.76 mLength
Lagoon 52
€ 13500
Lagoon 52 Dugongo II

Sardinia / Portisco

SailingyachtCrewed boat2019
6Cabins 12Berths 6Toilets 15.84 mLength
Lagoon 440
€ 3500
Lagoon 440 ISIS

Sardinia / Portisco

4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 4Toilets 14.1 mLength
Lagoon 620
€ 31500
Lagoon 620 The Sun

Sardinia / Portisco

SailingyachtCrewed boat2020
5Cabins 10 + 2Berths 4Toilets 18.9 mLength
Lagoon 42
€ 5750
Lagoon 42 Beta Persei II

Sardinia / Portisco

4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 12.94 mLength
Lagoon 450
€ 5880
Lagoon 450 C. Borealis (2011)

Sardinia / Portisco

4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 4Toilets 13.96 mLength
Lagoon 42
€ 5750
Lagoon 42 Little Cloud

Sardinia / Portisco

4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 12.94 mLength

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24 Reviews for Sardinia / Portisco
latest by "Mathias" on 21 Sep 2019
  • : - 3.72
    "Very beautiful area. Excellent cruising area"
  • : - 4.38
    "The countryside is as beautilful as the sea over there"
  • : - 4.49
    "Beautiful places, excelent water, very good weather"
  • : - 4.26
    "Lovely destination, great sailing, islands love,y, ports nice."
  • : - 3.83
    "Sardinia was a fantastic choice for holiday. Marina staff in all ports extremely helpful and professional."
  • : - 4.89
    "you were very kind to let us sleep on the boat the first night"
  • : - 5.00
    "On of the best destinations I have ever sailed in. "
  • : - 5.00
    "компактность марины. ее изолированность от посторонних. удобство сервиса (душ, туалет, трансферт, наличие магазинов и ресторанов в минутной доступности). "
  • : - 3.90
    "Corsica, gutes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis, immer freundliches Personal"
  • : - 4.94
    "Exceptional service during check in and check out the boat."

Throughout Italy, a country with a long sailing tradition, the Costa Smeralda or the Emerald Coast as it’s known to foreigners, is one of the country’s best sailing destinations and surely one of the best in Sardinia too.

General Info
Yacht charter Portisco is one of the most famous and most appreciated marinas on the Costa Smeralda, a great stretch of coast in Sardinia with lots of tourist potential that is sought not only by the locals but also by the foreign tourists.

Portisco is located on the north eastern coast of yacht charter Sardinia, south of the major port of Olbia and Port Cervo, in the Gulf of Cugnana. The reason why this particular stretch of coast has been so popular with summer crowds is the lovely turquoise color of the water (which give it its famous name) and the fine white sandy beaches.

Travel & Arrival
Just 17km from Olbia, one of the major entry ports on the island of Sardinia and link with the mainland through ferry connections, Portisco enjoys great accessibility either by water, sea or air. By air, the large Fiumicino airport that services the city of Rome, lies on the other side of the body of water that divides Sardinia from the mainland. It’s one of the largest and most frequented in the country, having links with many European cities which will make your boat charter crew hit the waves in no time.

By land, any route from the mainland will have to include a ferry ride into Olbia, since Sardinia is an island. Once on the island, follow the SP82, turn right on the SS125 and at the roundabout, take the first exit until you see a sign that says “Marina di Portisco”.

By water, just hop onto a ferry from either ports that connect with Olbia like Piombino, Civitavecchia, Salerno, Livorno or Genoa, or simply charter a yacht and sail from anywhere in the Mediterranean to these old coasts.

Avant  & Apres Sail
Sailing to Portisco allows the skipper to explore the most exciting part of the island of Sardinia – the northern part. Here you can explore things such as the Tomb of the Giants of Su monte de S’Abe, a sacred nuraghic well called Sa Testa and the Castello di Pedres. For a more “urban” experience, you can always travel to Olbia and marvel at its Roman artifacts.

In Portisco itself, the main attraction is the marina, the beating heart of the small settlement, which attracts most of the visiting tourists with its charm and lures them with its facilities.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that despite the fact the region is frequented by big and luxurious yachts, the local restaurants and hotels are quite inexpensive, the reason being that the region is not as popular or frequented as other islands in the Mediterranean. So you can indulge on fancy meals in restaurants while here.

Events & Actions
The main attraction for people travelling to Portisco is definitely the sailing opportunities. With its privileged position, the Marina of Portisco offers itinerary possibilities to a number of locations such as Porto Rotondo, Olbia, Porto Cervo, Cala di Volpe and the Tavolara, not to mention the famous La Maddalena Islands that make up a National Park.

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