San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo


Lagoon 440 Flybridge
€ 3940
Lagoon 440 Flybridge "Enjala"
5Cabins 9 + 2Berths 5Toilets 13.61 mLength
thumb_up 4.48 / 5
Lagoon 500
€ 4710
Lagoon 500 Friendship
5Cabins 10 + 2Berths 5Toilets 15.54 mLength
thumb_up 4.62 / 5

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VeryGoodSan Vincenzo
1974.60 / 5
Very Good

197 Reviews for San Vincenzo
latest by "ROBERTO" on 31 Oct 2019
  • : - 4.93
    "A very good weather inspite of end season."
  • : - 4.83
    "Elba is wonderful. Beautiful harbors and Anchorage. "
  • : - 4.71
    "Highly attractive sailing area - will be back "
  • : - 4.93
    "Bonifacio was expensive, but that was expected. All the other locations were reasonable and every location was enjoyable. "
  • : - 5.00
    "we had a very good week on a good performing sailing boat,a good price/performance ratio"
  • : - 4.47
    "Korsika ist als Segelgebiet weit guenstiger als Capraia oder Elba."
  • : - 4.61
    "Essere davanti all'arcipelago dove non ci si stanca mai di girare"
  • : - 4.88
    "everyone we had service from was very polite and helpful to our cruise. A much better experience than I expected."
  • : - 4.02
    "Weinig wind. Telkens op de middag zeilen met de termiekwinden rond de eilanden en dan zeilt de 40.7 perfect !"
  • : - 4.06
    "italian food was very good, corsica nice atmosphere but food very expensive-low quality"
Top Rated Yachts
Sun Odyssey 410
€ 2070
Sun Odyssey 410 Spavalda
San Vincenzo,Italy
thumb_up 4.83 / 5
3Cabins 6Berths 2Toilets 12.35 mLength
Sun Odyssey 519
€ 3420
Sun Odyssey 519 Impavida
San Vincenzo,Italy
thumb_up 4.78 / 5
5Cabins 10 + 1Berths 3Toilets 15.75 mLength
Sun Odyssey 33i
€ 1260
Sun Odyssey 33i Stramala
San Vincenzo,Italy
thumb_up 4.75 / 5
2Cabins 4Berths 1Toilets 9.96 mLength
Oceanis 34
€ 1090
Oceanis 34 "Rebecca"
San Vincenzo,Italy
thumb_up 4.67 / 5
2Cabins 4 + 1Berths 1Toilets 10.34 mLength

With good weather, beautiful nature and plenty of shorelines, San Vincenzo ranges amongst the most sought-after destinations visited by many sailors every year. Its popularity is due to the fact that sailing is a national pastime here and there are plenty of great offers for yacht charter to be found.

You can easily find charter yachts in San Vincenzo on YachtBooker by checking the YachtFinder® menu located on top of this page. When you’re looking for a boat, just click on the search criteria displayed in the box and enter your preferences. You can specify criteria like the country of destination, the type of yacht as well as the duration and departure date of your sailing holiday. The results displayed are all from the extensive YachtBooker database that comprises about 4,500 sailing and motor yachts.

The right side of the page contains a list of articles about locations that can be found in San Vincenzo. They are all touristic resorts and well suited for receiving charter guests. In the articles you’ll find comprehensive information on basic sailing related topics such as local winds and weather, provisioning, eating out and sightseeing.

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