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Yacht Charter on Central European rivers has its benefits: There are no dangerous conditions, it is a great way to see the countryside as well as the many medieval towns along the shores and you can always drop anchor for a break. The Czech Republic offers all this and more for people who love river sailing.

General Info

Although it’s basically a continental country in Central Europe without any coastline whatsoever, the Czech Republic does offer some sailing opportunities since the country is traversed by one of the main tributaries of the Elbe, the Vltava.

Among the most popular destinations for yacht charter in the country are Kraupy nad Vltavou and Pistany. These are located along the course of the Vltava River and within a radius of 100 km of the capital Prague. This means that they are easily accessible for foreign tourists who want to do a bit of river sailing.

But the geography of the Czech Republic is varied and includes beautiful regions such as Bohemia to the West. The Elbe and the Vltava rivers flow through here, surrounded scenically by low-lying mountains.

The vegetation in the country includes many conifer and broadleaf forests. There are four national parks that are all perfect for a relaxing getaway: Krkonoše National Park (Biosphere Reserve), Šumava National Park (Biosphere Reserve), Podyjí National Park and Bohemian Switzerland. 

Being a landlocked country, the climate in the Czech Republic is continental with hot summers and cold snowy winters. The difference in temperature between seasons is significant.

The best time to come on a sailing holiday would be in the summer months between June and August, when temperatures are at their highest and the vegetation is in full bloom. That is also when traffic seems to be less congested as a significant number of locals tend to go on holiday abroad. This does not apply to major cities such as Prague, which are tourist hot spots.

Law & Order

The Czech Republic has been a member of the EU since 2004 and it is very easy for European citizens to enter and stay in the country for long periods with just a valid ID card or a passport. For citizens from outside the EU, a travel visa is required, together with a passport that is valid for at least 6 months.

Since it’s not a maritime nation, the Czech Republic does not have a legislation for boat rental in that sense. It does not really need one either because you cannot enter the country by boat. The only sailing activities here are river-based and all the paperwork will be provided by the operating companies.

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