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Though just a small fishing village near Trogir in Croatia, Vinisce is famous among those who have been there already for its laidback atmosphere and the lovely pebble beaches mirrored in crystal clear waters. Quiet and quaint, this place has its own marina for sailors looking for a restful vacation away from prying eyes.

General Info
This small village on the Dalmatia coast that passes its sleepy days on the beautiful bay just 12km from Trogir in the southern Adriatic, is known to sailors for its secluded location, its wonderful pebble beaches, its clean air and water and virgin nature.

Just a couple of hundred of people reside here in Vinisce, though archeological remains show that this small fishing village has been inhabited since Roman time and even prior to that. The remaining structures are Illyrian which suggests that the beauty of the area is not only enjoyed by today’s sailors, but also by the ancients.

Avant & Apres Sail
Fans of flying wil more than likely have to catch a plane to the Split International airport which is located further south down the coast, a 30km trip which shouldn’t take more than half an hour, no matter which method of transfer you and your party choose.

By land, there are bus services running from Split, to Trogir. Other locations from where you can catch one of these buses include Makarska, Sibenik, Dubrovnik and Rijeka, in other words, some of the more famous resorts along the Croatian coastline overlooking the Adriatic. The only main road in the region is route 8, but in order to reach Vidisce, you’ll have to break off at Marina.

There’s no direct ferry link, but you can catch one in Split, a major ferry harbor, linking up with many important Croatian cities and even some Italian ones on the opposite side of the Adriatic Sea.

Avant & Apres Sail
Coming to Vidisce means you have embraced the solitude and quietness that can be found in this part of the Croatian littoral. It’s not one of those resorts where you go seeking for fun and excitement; it’s just a quiet fishing village where you come to relax. That being said, there are some very beautiful medieval churches in the area which you can visit, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Orihovica, St. Antun Padovanski in Vinisce and the church of St. Ivan built in 1332. For those culture buffs, Croatia’s cultural center, Split, is just minutes away.

The best part in visiting such a remote location which sustains itself with agriculture, fishing and tourism is that you get to experience the authentic Croatian cuisine with the freshest ingredients. There are lots of fashionable restaurants and cafes in the region which cater to hungry boatmen. Among the most ordered are the Dalmatian smoked ham, the jela ispod peke (Croatian traditional dish) and a wide assortment of fish dishes.

The nightlife is close to nonexistent, except for a few bars that don’t stay open late after dark. For those of you that are looking for some excitement, we recommend making a trip to nearby Trogir, where you’re more likely to find some late night entertainment with some other tourists.

Events & Actions
Among the most popular activity is of course sunbathing on the lovely pebble and stone beaches, many in secluded coves that are also perfect for sailing and boating. There is also a local activity that will surely appeal to foreign holidaymakers – speafishing. Of course, there are some water sports available too, like surfing.

One-Week Sailing Itinerary from Trogir, Croatia: Discovering Dalmatian Coast Gems

Day 1: Trogir to Maslinica (Šolta Island)

Start your yacht charter adventure on Saturday evening from the picturesque port of Trogir. Set sail towards Maslinica on Šolta Island, located about 12 nautical miles away. As you glide across the sparkling Adriatic Sea, soak in the breathtaking views of the Croatian coastline. Upon arrival in Maslinica, find a cozy spot in the marina or anchor in the nearby bay, and treat yourself to a scrumptious dinner at a local seaside restaurant.

Day 2: Maslinica to Vis Island

Wave goodbye to Maslinica and head towards the enchanting Vis Island, situated approximately 25 nautical miles away. En route, stop by the magical Blue Lagoon on Drvenik Veli Island for a refreshing swim in its crystal-clear waters and a chance to play hide-and-seek with the colorful marine life. Continue to Vis, dock your yacht charter in the idyllic harbor, and explore the island's intriguing history, mingling with friendly locals.

Day 3: Vis Island to Hvar Island

Set sail from Vis Island and embark on a 15-nautical-mile journey to the glamorous Hvar Island. Along the way, drop anchor at the charming Palmižana Bay on Paklinski Islands for a relaxing swim and a leisurely lunch in a chic waterfront restaurant. Upon arrival at Hvar, secure your yacht charter in the bustling Hvar Town harbor, and immerse yourself in the island's vibrant nightlife, mingling with the jet-set crowd.

Day 4: Hvar Island to Bol (Brač Island)

Leave Hvar behind and navigate towards Bol on Brač Island, about 15 nautical miles away. En route, stop at the picturesque Zlatni Rat beach for a swim in its turquoise waters and some sunbathing on its iconic golden sands. Once you reach Bol, find a perfect spot in the marina or a nearby anchorage, and explore the town's charming streets, tasting delightful local wines and specialties.

Day 5: Bol to Stari Grad (Hvar Island)

Depart from Bol and set sail for the captivating Stari Grad on Hvar Island, located approximately 13 nautical miles away. On the way, take a break in the pristine Lučice Bay, where you can enjoy a leisurely swim, snorkel among the vibrant marine life, or simply bask in the sun. Continue to Stari Grad, dock your yacht charter in the quaint harbor, and delve into the town's rich history and culture, visiting ancient sites and museums.

Day 6: Stari Grad to Milna (Brač Island)

Leave Stari Grad behind and sail towards the charming Milna on Brač Island, situated about 12 nautical miles away. On the way, drop anchor at the serene Tiha Bay, where you can take a leisurely swim, admire the stunning surroundings, and perhaps even spot playful dolphins. Upon arrival at Milna, secure your yacht charter in the cozy marina, and explore the village's picturesque streets, enjoying delicious local cuisine.

Day 7: Milna to Trogir

On the final day of your yacht charter adventure, set sail from Milna and make your way back to Trogir, a journey of approximately 16 nautical miles. Before returning to your starting point, take the time to explore the serene Blue Lagoon on Drvenik Veli Island, where you can enjoy a last swim or sunbathing session in the idyllic surroundings of its crystal-clear waters.

Arrive back in Trogir on Friday evening, ready to return your yacht charter to the base. As you disembark, bid farewell to your yacht and crew, taking with you unforgettable memories of your Dalmatian Coast sailing adventure.

Summary Table

DayFromToDistance (Nautical Miles)
1TrogirMaslinica (Šolta Island)12
2MaslinicaVis Island25
3Vis IslandHvar Island15
4Hvar IslandBol (Brač Island)15
5BolStari Grad (Hvar Island)13
6Stari GradMilna (Brač Island)12


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