Primosten / Marina Kremik

Primosten / Marina Kremik

Charming Charter Destination with own Wineries

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Although it started out as a fishing village, the region was made for tourism, that's how beautiful the scenery is. The contrasting rocks and forests with the sands and beaches make Primosten one of the most beautiful resorts on the Adriatic Coast.

General Info
Like most of the best resorts, this town started life a small fishing village on the edge of the Adriatic coast in Croatia. The unusual setting on an island that is connected to the mainland by a very narrow strip of dirt, while being surrounded by 7 more islands makes this a sailor’s paradise, with plenty of line of sight navigation.

Travel & Arrival
While traveling to Primosten, some of the adventurers might want to take a plane. In order to do this, they should take a flight landing in Split, the closest airport, which is 43 km down the coast via the 58 road.

Also accessible by land, many tourists arrive by car, simply driving down the E65-A1 highway, which links with the country’s capital, Zagreb. In order to get to Primosten, you should look for the 8 road exit leading south towards the coast.

Other land-based ways of getting to Primosten include trains and buses, all available to seasonal tourists from the neighboring town of Split.

Avant & Apres Sail
The town’s old look and feel is typical Mediterranean, with small white houses that warm in the sun and narrow cobble stone streets lined with bars and terraces. Many of the parties coming here fall in love with the contrast of the azure blue of the sea and the dark green of the pine forests that border the shore.

Today the city is considered one of the best resorts, famous not only for its rocky beaches but also for its vineyards that have been inducted in UNESCO’s World Heritage program. Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to the neighboring Krka and Kornati National parks just 30 km away, while history lovers will surely want to visit Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

The central region is full of souvenir shops, bars and restaurants so that’s where most of the crowds hang out until the early hours of the morning.

Events & Actions
As you’d expect from a region with such a long history, the events here are deeply rooted in tradition. Most enjoyable for parties are the folklore and Klapa (acapela singing groups) held every evening, not to mention the concerts given by the Primosten Wind Orchestra.

On the first weekend in August, the locals celebrate the “Primosten Uzance” where they give the visiting guests a preview of their customs and traditions as well as their past. There is also a donkey race held in Primosten every summer, famous throughout the country.

One-Week Sailing Itinerary from Primošten, Croatia through Kornati Islands

Day 1: Primošten to Murter Island

Start your yacht charter adventure on Saturday evening from the picturesque town of Primošten. Set sail for Murter Island, located about 20 nautical miles away. As you cruise through the sparkling Adriatic Sea, admire the stunning Croatian coastline. Upon arrival, moor your yacht in the charming Jezera harbor, and indulge in some local seafood specialties at a cozy harborside restaurant.

Day 2: Murter Island to Žut Island (Kornati Islands)

Wave goodbye to Murter Island and embark on a 15-nautical-mile journey to the serene island of Žut, part of the mesmerizing Kornati archipelago. En route, drop anchor at the tranquil Slanica Beach for a refreshing dip and some sunbathing on its soft sands. Upon arrival at Žut, find a peaceful anchorage in one of the many secluded bays, and enjoy a rejuvenating swim in the crystal-clear waters.

Day 3: Žut Island to Kornat Island

Set sail from Žut and head towards Kornat Island, the largest island in the Kornati archipelago, approximately 10 nautical miles away. Along the way, take a break at the breathtaking Levrnaka Bay, an ideal spot for snorkeling among the colorful marine life. Once you reach Kornat Island, secure your yacht charter in the pristine Vrulje Bay, and explore the island's natural beauty and rugged landscapes.

Day 4: Kornat Island to Piškera Island

Depart from Kornat Island and sail towards Piškera Island, another gem in the Kornati archipelago, about 12 nautical miles away. Make a pit stop at the mesmerizing Lojena Beach on Levrnaka Island, a perfect place for snorkeling and sunbathing. Upon arrival at Piškera Island, moor your yacht in the ACI Marina, and unwind while admiring the island's raw beauty and pristine environment.

Day 5: Piškera Island to Dugi Otok

Leave Piškera Island behind and set sail for the enchanting Dugi Otok, about 20 nautical miles away. En route, take a break at the stunning Telascica Nature Park, a true paradise for sailors and nature lovers alike. Explore the park's crystal-clear bays and rugged cliffs before continuing to Dugi Otok. Once there, moor your yacht in the idyllic Sali harbor, and immerse yourself in the island's captivating charm.

Day 6: Dugi Otok to Zlarin Island

Set sail from Dugi Otok and navigate towards Zlarin Island, located approximately 25 nautical miles away. On the way, stop at the fascinating Blue Lagoon on Drvenik Veli Island for a swim in its turquoise waters. Upon arrival at Zlarin Island, secure your yacht charter in the peaceful harbor, and explore the island's lush forests, quaint village, and local coral workshops.

Day 7: Zlarin Island to Primošten

On the final day of your yacht charter adventure, set sail from Zlarin Island and make your way back to Primošten, a journey of approximately 15 nautical miles. Before returning to your starting point, take the time to explore the serene Kaprije Island, where you can enjoy a last swim or sunbathing session in the idyllic surroundings of one of its picturesque bays.

Arrive back in Primošten on Friday evening, ready to return your yacht charter to the base. As you disembark, bid farewell to your yacht and crew, taking with you unforgettable memories of your Kornati Islands sailing adventure.

Summary Table

DayFromToDistance (Nautical Miles)
1PrimoštenMurter Island20
2Murter IslandŽut Island (Kornati Islands)15
3Žut IslandKornat Island10
4Kornat IslandPiškera Island12
5Piškera IslandDugi Otok20
6Dugi OtokZlarin Island25
7Zlarin IslandPrimošten15


What are the top sailing destinations around Marina Kremik?

Marina Kremik is ideally located to access some of Croatia's best sailing destinations. To the south, you can explore the stunning Kornati Islands National Park. Sailing north, you can visit the ancient cities of Trogir and Split. You should also consider exploring the islands of Brač, Hvar, and Vis. Šolta Island, known for its tranquil bays and olives, is also within reach.

What are some must-visit anchor bays around Primošten?

The bays around Primošten offer a unique combination of safety and beauty. Bays such as Pelegrin on Hvar, Lovrecina Bay on Brač, and Stari Grad Bay, also on Hvar, are highly recommended for anchoring. Closer to Primošten, the bays of Smokvica, Grebaštica, and Zlarin Island are excellent choices for their clear waters and beautiful surroundings.

Can you recommend any other marinas nearby?

Certainly. Nearby marinas include Marina Frapa in Rogoznica and the ACI Marina in Trogir. You can also consider the D-Marin Mandalina in Šibenik and ACI Marina Split. These marinas provide excellent facilities for sailors and are strategically located for further sailing adventures.

What can I explore in and around Primošten while on a sailing vacation?

Primošten is a historic town known for its charming old town, picturesque beaches, and excellent vineyards. Make sure to visit the St. George church for its panoramic views of the Adriatic. A trip to the nearby town of Šibenik, with its UNESCO-listed Cathedral of St. James, is also recommended. Wine lovers should not miss a visit to the local vineyards, known for producing the famous Babić red wine.

What water activities can I engage?

The waters around Primošten are perfect for a variety of activities. Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular due to the clear waters and vibrant marine life. For adrenaline seekers, windsurfing and jet-skiing are available. If you're interested in fishing, the Adriatic Sea around Primošten is home to a variety of fish species.

What are some of the gastronomic specialties of Primošten that I can try during my sailing vacation?

Primošten and the surrounding region offer numerous Dalmatian culinary delights. Try the fresh seafood, including brodet (fish stew), grilled fish, and shellfish prepared 'na buzaru' (in a sauce of olive oil, garlic, and white wine). Enjoy peka, a slow-cooked dish of meat or seafood under a bell-shaped lid. Be sure to pair your meal with local wines, such as the famous red Babić or white Debit.

Are there any local events or festivals in Primošten that coincide with the sailing season?

Yes, Primošten is known for its lively summer events. The Primošten Donkey Race, held in August, is a unique and fun event. The 'Aurora' open-air club often hosts famous DJs and performers during the summer. Nearby Šibenik also offers a range of events, including the Šibenik International Children's Festival and the Off Jazz & Blues Festival.

What local customs should I be aware of?

Croatians are known for their hospitality. When greeting locals, say 'Dobar dan' (Good day). If you're invited to a local's home, it's polite to bring a small gift. Remember to dress modestly when visiting churches or monasteries. Always respect the environment, especially when visiting natural parks and protected areas. A toast with a local drink, like rakija or a glass of Babić wine, is common when dining.

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