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Adriatic / North
Adriatic / North
323 yachts
€ 280
Aegean / Saronic Gulf - Cyclades
Aegean / Saronic Gulf - Cyclades
303 yachts
€ 1170
Ionian Sea
Ionian Sea
246 yachts
€ 1163
Balearics (Majorca - Minorca - Ibiza)
Balearics (Majorca - Minorca - Ibiza)
124 yachts
€ 1440
Sicily - Aeolian Islands - Calabria
Sicily - Aeolian Islands - Calabria
91 yachts
€ 1553
Adriatic / South
Adriatic / South
88 yachts
€ 1203
Aegean / Dodekanes
Aegean / Dodekanes
87 yachts
€ 1313
Turkish Coast
Turkish Coast
69 yachts
€ 1595
59 yachts
€ 1300
Tyrrhenian Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
49 yachts
€ 1620
North Aegean Sea
North Aegean Sea
38 yachts
€ 1238
Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
20 yachts
€ 778
Côte d'Azur / East
Côte d'Azur / East
17 yachts
€ 2380

If you are planning a Mediterranean yacht charter you might wonder if it comes with a crew or not. And what are the different price ranges you can expect? Which ones are the best routes and destinations? Here we have compiled a list of information that could be relevant to you. You will also find some extra background information to get you up to speed.

What's the difference between skippered and bareboat charter?

Three options are available and it is up to you to decide which one makes up your perfect dream holiday... If you hold a skipper´s licence yourself, you may go for a bareboat charter. Bareboat charter yachts usually range up to 20 m in size. If you do not hold the relevant tickets, you will naturally opt for a skippered charter. Bear in mind that if you book a skipper with the yacht you pay about an extra 150 / 200 € per day on top of the yacht. The third option includes a yacht with its own crew, which will rise proportionally in numbers the bigger your choice of Mediterranean boat gets.

In the case of bareboat charter contract you temporarily become the captain and master of the boat. The provisioning and planning of the trip is up to you then, but this might just be what you are after. The best way of finding your ideal charter yacht is through a yacht charter broker. They can advise you thoroughly on models, prices, destinations and relevant legalities.

How much does a yacht charter cost?

Generally, it can be said that Mediterranean boat rentals are about 2,600 € a week on average. The highest prices are being charged in the Western Mediterranean with about 3,100 € a week, gradually declining as you move East. For sailing in the Balearics customers are prepared to pay the most. Also the Italian and French Coast rank quite high as opposed to the cheapest charter destinations South of the Alps which are Croatia, Greece and Turkey. Off course the seasonal changes may highly influence your decision on when you book your Mediterranean family sailing holidays. In autumn and winter fees will be 10 % cheaper than in spring and the price difference between high and low season is up to 40 %. There are many last minute charter options available too if you can plan spontaneously. On the other side of the spectre luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean - charters on yachts larger than 24 m - can range between 10,000 € and 100,000 €. In the case of the biggest and most modern mega yachts this could even extend up to a whopping 500,000 €.

Mediterranean bareboat yacht charter in figures

By vote of customers the most favourite yacht charter destinations are Greece with 31 % followed by Croatia with 25 %. Turkey and Italy rank at 13 % each. Mallorca scores 6 % and France 4 %. The top 5 destinations effectively getting the most bookings though are Croatia (33 %), Greece (19 %), Italy (15 %) and Spain / Turkey (11 % each). High season is from May to Octobre with July peaking through the roof and seeing the most traffic. Most bookings are made in January while June to August off course gets a lot of last minute bookings. Most Mediterranean bareboat charter yachts are operated in Croatia (ca. 2700) followed by Greece (ca. 1700), Italy (ca. 1400) and Turkey (ca. 800). Of those 94 % are sailing boats and 88 % are monohulls. 12 % are catamaran yacht charters and 5 % is power boat charter. Generally Mediterranean yacht charter vacations account for 70 % of all yacht charters worldwide.

Which are the favorite charter destinations in the Med?

The sheer breathtaking multitude of gorgeous ports to choose from makes it a real task to pick one for your Mediterranean sailboat charter. The world really is your oyster here. You could cruise along the French Riviera, make your way down the the beautiful wild and mounaineous coastline of Corsica and Sardinia or simply sample some tapas in the lovely Balearic Islands. Alternatively stop by at the mindblowing Aeolian Islands and watch the volcano of Stromboli erupt into the night sky. Malta is calling for you with its fantastic battlements and rich history to be discovered. Now off course the Adriatic coast of both Italy and Croatia can make your mind boggle with joy. Last not least sailing East will enable you to get familiar with the crystal clear waters and ancient history of Greece or Turkey. The manyfold landscapes and cultures will inspire you endlessly. Spoil yourself with local cuisine and specialities, visit ancient temples and lie on pristine sandy beaches as you are soaking up the sun. Mediterranean boat rentals can be just the way for you to enjoy the holiday of your lifetime.

What type of charter boat to choose from?

Charter yachts Mediterranean vary greatly in size, age, type and prize. Whether you need two, three, four or more cabins, prefer to sail or to motor, like a bit of modern luxury or the glamour of old. There are thousands of options to choose from. Also range and speed are to be taken into account. You could make it to Ibiza from Mallorca in no time on a fast motor yacht or take your time sailing. The second option gives you more time to thoroughly look forward to arriving at your destination. With bareboat charter, instead of cooking for yourself, you may end up going ashore for meals more often. With a Mediterranean luxury charter yacht, you may have a very good chef cooking stunning food for you. In this case you and your guests may choose to hardly eat out but to enjoy the freshly prepared meals on your own deck.

There you go. If you make your decision now we hope you have a few valuable facts to bear in mind. Mediterranean yacht charter is fun, beautiful and there are a lot of options to choose from. With our user-friendly yachtfinder app you can compare the best offers. There are also over 1000 client reviews for you to choose from. We hope you enjoy the cruise!
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