Mecklenburg Lake District / Brandenburg

Mecklenburg Lake District / Brandenburg

Countless Interconnected Waterways and Beautiful Nature Reserves
Müritz / Röbel
Müritz / Röbel
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The lakes, channels and rivers that build up the Mecklenburg Lake District are perfect for houseboat rentals and charters of smaller sailing vessel up to 30 feet.

Sea & Coast
Though not a sea region in the true meaning of the word, the Mecklenburg Lake District is still a great sailing area since it covers a lot of terrain and it consists in a great number of lakes, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as “Land of a Thousand Lakes”. German enthusiasts know this part of the country as a popular holiday region.

Lakes and rivers linked through canals make up most of the Mecklenburg Lake District which is situated in the southern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region in the northeast of Germany and it also happens to be the largest comprehensive lake area in Central Europe. It has the Mueritz Lake which is Germany’s largest but it also has the Elbe River UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The landscape appears essentially different than what a sailor would consider a sailing region, more like a marshland where lakes alternate with forests and green fields bordered by white Baltic sandy beaches.

The Mecklenburg Lake District is the perfect place to go exploring since much of the landscape is wild, with very little population and is famous among German holidaymakers as a sailing and fishing Mecca. The sailing potential is increased by the fact that many of the lakes are linked by rivers and canals which greatly expands your sailing horizons.

The general fauna and vegetation is extremely varied are translated in numerous national parks and reserves, most of which seem untouched by modern man. Willows are in abundance here, casting shadows over green and yellow fields that stretch out as far as the eye can see full of oilseed rape and other shrub plants.

The position of the Lake District within Germany affords the region a continental climate which translates into cold winters and warm summers. For the enthusiast that means the best time to visit is during the summer. Winds aren’t particularly strong since this is a continental region, but over large surfaces of water, the wind does seem to pick up and sometimes cause waves up to a meter high.

Culture & History
Apart from the undeniable natural beauty of the region, the Mecklenburg Lake District has also been blessed with historical charm and a tourist culture that seems to attract people even today with its outdoorsy take on life. Here, you’ll find numerous castles and manors built in that Gothic German style, restored old town centers and fairytale villages. In these particular villages one can find lots of museums that still reflect local tradition, festivities and the cuisine, in other words, a lovely experience.

Places like Schwerin, Neubrandenburg and Mueritz rank high in the preferences of the visitors for their architectural beauty but also for the traditions and laidback way of life they project. It’s here you’ll find most of the things you’ll require to explore the Lake District.

The people and warm and welcoming and used to guests, and are more than happy to share their way of life and celebrations with those inquisitive enough to visit them at home. During the summer months there is a hoard of castle and manor festivals, village fetes, as well as numerous cultural and sporting events to keep you from getting bored.

Seamanship & Experience
Sailing on a lake is different than sailing the open waters, there’s no denying that, but that doesn’t mean that a continental region does not pose some difficulties and should not be treated seriously. Though not affected by tides or currents, the waters of the lake do tend to become more restless the larger the surface of lake is. Sometimes the wide bays may experience a jet effect from winds blowing from the west.
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