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Seychelles Archipelago
Seychelles Archipelago
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Thailand / Burma
Thailand / Burma
7 yachts
€ 1680

Rough granite nestles against smooth sandy beaches, the colourful hurly-burly alternates with silent mangrove swamps – a peaceful struggle of opposites is raging on Phuket, but from your charter yacht it looks like paradise.

Phuket which lies at the west coast of Thailand and has an area of 538 square metres is Thailand’s largest island. This wonderful island was named after the Danish botanist Dr. Koenig Phuket who visited it in 1779 intending to do his researches there. Since 1967, this dreamlike spot is connected to the mainland, which is only a few hundred metres away, by the Sarasin-Bridge. 

The fact that Phuket is surrounded by 39 smaller islands makes it even more attractive. It is recommendable to travel about the area around this delightful island housing 200,000 inhabitants during the high season between November and February. Those who are fond of water sports will have much fun on land, too, which is guaranteed by the numerous attractive waterfalls, for example the Ton-Sai or the Bang-Pae waterfall in the inland.

The Khao-Phra-Theaw wildlife park located on a granite ground forms the central part of the North. Lush mangrove forests and vast plantations are part of the coast territories‘ flora. The islands in front of Phuket and flat water in between are partly used for pearls growing. Phuket’s North West would definitely win every postcard motif competition. Wonderful bays have alluring names – like Laem Singh.

However, this bay can only be approached by boat or afoot. The South East of Phuket is strongly influenced by Phuket Town, the island’s capital. Yachties who like it wild should concentrate on the West of the island where it shows its rough side. One will find there endless granite cliffs with the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The sandy ground of the bays stretches out far into the interior. Coconut and sugar palms are thriving on it.  Behind, wherever you look, there are evergreen paddy fields. Since Phuket lies almost on the equator, even in December and January its temperatures can reach respectable 32 degrees Celsius which resemble a perfect summer in western Europe, whereas at night it is seldom cooler than 23 degrees Celsius.

Between May and September, the monsoon falls – except in May, when it’s raining almost continuously. However, some charter tourists are no longer that easily to frighten away. A short rain shower has ist merits, after all.
Especially in the interior, some rare animal species like leopard cats or sun bears are inhabiting. Impressive coconut palms dominate the local flora all over the island, but Phuket is the home for many other wonderful palm species, too.

Those who like fruit will find plenty of exotic ones to choose in Thailand. Because of a humid climate of the region, fruits and vegetables have excellent conditions for growing. Another characteristic of Phuket are large rubber tree plantations which primarily produce natural rubber mattresses.

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