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The Costa Verde is a stretch of coastline about 250 kilometers long between Rio de Janeiro and Santos. The coast owes its name to the Serra do Mar, which is covered with tropical rainforest. Against the evergreen backdrop, a breathtaking coastline spreads out with hundreds of islands and dozens of sandy beaches. The heart of this archipelago, Ilha Grande, lies about 80 miles south of Rio de Janeiro. The marinas at Angra dos Reis are important charter bases. Further south, it is the Bay of Paraty or Ilhabela Island that offer boat rentals and whose sheltered anchorages attract sailors.

Why is the Costa Verde near Angra dos Reis the most popular yacht charter destination in Brazil?

The Costa Verde (the Green Coast) Brazil between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo is a 175-mile coastline with hundreds of offshore islands. Thanks to its green forested bays and golden sandy beaches, the Costa Verde sailing area is a true paradise for boat charter vacationers.

Jurubaiba, also called Praia de Dentista which belongs to the Top 10 at the Costa Verde

Jurubaiba - Praia de Dentista - Costa VerdeThe northern island world of the Costa Verde is also known as "Angra dos Reis". In fact, the term Angra dos Reis comes from the name of the main port city located here.

Overview map of Costa Verde sailing area with Angra dos Reis

Map of the sailing area of Costa Verde in BrazilSailing south from Angra dos Reis, you will enter the bay of Paraty. The old town of Paraty in colonial architectural style was already declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1958. A stroll through the old town of Paraty, a visit to a restaurant or a bar with live music is certainly a cultural highlight of a cruise through the archipelago of Angra dos Reis.

Colonial church in the historic old town of Paraty

Paraty - Church from the Colonial Period

The Costa Verde is the weekend getaway and vacation destination par excellence for the middle and upper classes of the nearest major cities Rio de Janeiro, Santos and São Paulo. Many wealthy city dwellers have bought yachts in recent years to explore their own cruising grounds. Based on this trend, the yachting business has developed extremely positively. Investors have built numerous modern marinas, which are now the service stations for all kinds of maritime services.

Capivari Island with its own yacht moorings near Paraty

Capivari Island with its own yacht moorings near Paraty

There are a large number of islands here, close to the coast, offering the skipper endless cruising destinations. Although the Costa Verde is close to major cities such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santos, even today the region is served by only one coastal road

Marina & Condo Bracuhy in the archipelago of Angra dos Reis

Marina & Condo Bracuhy Angra dos Reis

Most of the region is covered with dense rainforest. The "Mata Atlântica" provides the beaches and granite rocks a unique tropical backdrop. Large forested areas of the coastal Serra do Mar are under nature protection. Halfway between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is the 100,000-hectare Serra da Bocaina National Park. This protects a large area of the Mata Atlântica, where unique flora and fauna can be found. These include the Macuco bird, tapirs, jaguars, and exotic parrots.

From coastal anchorages, sailing crews can follow locally signposted jungle trails to reach one of the numerous tropical waterfalls, the Cachoeiras,. The Cachoeiras are popular excursion destinations, as you can swim in the fresh fresh water in crystal clear pools shaded by tall jungle trees.

View also the bay of Abraão on Ilhaa Grande towards the port city of Angra dos Reis

View of the Bay of Abraão on Ilha Grande

The waters along the Costa Verde are a great place for water sports enthusiasts to indulge in diving, swimming, stand-up paddling or jet ski excursions. There are numerous reefs and sunken ships that snorkelers want to discover. Some unprotected beaches such as Lopez Mendez on Ilha Grande, the Praia Vermelha near Ubatuba or the beach of Maresias are appreciated as top spots among Brazilian surfers.

Where can you rent yachts on the Costa Verde for a sailing vacation?

Modern motor yachts and sailboats can be chartered in marinas around the port city of Angra dos Reis and Paraty. Bareboat charter yachts can be rented mainly by the week, and in some cases by the day. Crewed yachts are offered for a daily rate, can of course also be chartered for longer periods. If you like it comfortable you should book a hostess as well, so you don't have to struggle with the catering. For rent are motor yachts, monohull sailing yachts and catamarans for up to 10 people.

What does a yacht charter in Angra dos Reis cost?

Smaller 3-cabin sailing yachts cost from 1600 euros per week in low season (April to October) and up to 2600 euros in high season. For a catamaran with four double cabins with skipper one must estimate a charter price of approximately 5400 to 7500 euro per week depending upon season time. In addition, there are a few hundred euros for final cleaning and diesel consumption, possibly marina fees etc.

Luxurious property with private yacht mooring at the Costa Verde.

Luxury Villa with private Yacht Pier at the Costa Verde

When is the best time of year for a sailing trip on the Costa Verde?

The Costa Verde is considered a year-round sailing destination. Since the Costa Verde is a tropical region, there are not the usual four seasons here. The warmest time for a sailing trip is the Brazilian summer between November and March. Daytime temperatures are then between 25 and 32 degrees Celcius. The sea reaches temperature between 24 - 26 degrees Celcius. A perfect temperature for sailors who want to actively practice water sports.

In the Brazilian winter season (April to October), the water temperature in Angra dos Reis never falls below 21 degrees Celcius. However, nighttime air temperatures can sometimes drop to 15 degrees Celcius. During a winter day, however, the temperature then usually rises again to values around 20 degrees Celcius and higher.

Since the Brazilian coast lies in the area of a rather weak southeast trade wind, the wind strengths with average 2 - 3 Beaufort are rather moderate. Locally, the supraregional trade wind flow is often overlaid by thermal winds. At night, the wind usually falls asleep, ensuring a quiet night aboard the yacht even when anchoring outside marinas.

The most precipitation falls in summer (about 300 mm / month), because evaporation is greater due to high temperatures. However, the summer rains do not mean any restriction of the vacation pleasures, since one is pleased on the contrary about a small shower, since the temperatures hardly fall because of it. The winter months of June and July have significantly lower precipitation levels of only about 70 mm / month. The average daily sunshine duration, on the other hand, is quite uniform at 5 - 6 hours, regardless of the season.

Map for Brazil / Costa Verde

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