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Brazil / Costa Verde
Brazil / Costa Verde
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The Costa Verde is one of the most breath-taking regions of Brazil with many sandy beaches and secluded rocky bays. The background is build up by a tropical forest mountain range called the Serra do Mar which also frame the archipelago of Angra dos Reis - known as the best are of yacht charter Brazil. The heart of this island group, Ilha Grande, is situated about 80 miles south of Rio de Janeiro. Sailing south you reach Paraty, the well charming harbor town of colonial times. Hanging out there at night in one of the local bars you got a real chance to catch the rhythm of Brazilian spirit.

Sea & Coast
Unofficially named the Brazil’s Riviera, the Costa Verde (Green Coast) is a piece of shoreline is also known to the locals as the Angra dos Reis after the main town of the region. Its 175 miles of coast are located in between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and is characterized by the mostly wild landscape that is considered to be the last stretch of true Atlantic rainforest, a real paradise, thanks to all the wide-open bays, golden sand beaches and quaint fishing villages.

There is an abundance of small or medium-sized islands close to the shore which offer lots hours of fun for a skipper. Though close to major cities like Rio de Janeiro, the whole area is actually quite remote and escapes the touch of modern man. Most of is covered by lush rainforest that sometimes stretches out all the way to the ocean, giving way to some breath-taking sceneries.

Being one of the last places where you can find Atlantica rainforest, most of the vegetation here is protected. Halfway between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro lies Serra da Bocaina National Park, 25000 acres of protected Amazon jungle, teeming with flora and fauna that you won’t see anywhere else, like the macuco bird, tapirs, jaguars and exotic parrots. If you have the time, make sure you take your crew on a trip to beautiful Iguazu Falls.

Being a tropical region, the usual four seasons don’t apply here and actually the best time to come to Costa Verde for a visit is during the interval September to December which is like spring here, with pleasant temperatures and there is little rain. In summer (December to March) the temperatures often go into the 40s on the Celsius scale and there are tropical showers every day.

Culture & History
Mostly appreciated for the rural atmosphere and the secluded location, Costa Verde is fast becoming a great tourist attraction for those searching solitude and a close nature experience. The region was actually discovered by the navigator Andres Gonçalves in 1502 and that about the time the first coastal city was founded.

Most visitors that come here stop in Angra dos Reis which is the biggest town, but there are numerous fishing villages along the coast hidden in secluded bays that are beginning to specialize in small scale tourism as well. That means that you’ll find lodging almost everywhere, except on the Ihla Grande which is a national park and building there is limited by the government.

In the larger towns you’ll find lots of colonial architecture, with lots of churches and administrative buildings that go back centuries, back when the Europeans still had a lot of influence on the locals. This is also a good place for the crew to sample some of the delicious local cuisine.

The waters around the shore offer great places where crews can also engage in numerous water sports, diving and sailing. There are numerous reefs and sunken ships for snorkelers to explore and the winds provide plenty of waves for surfers and kite-boarders to ride the waves.

Seamanship & Experience
Like in other tropical and subtropical regions, seasonal differences are paramount for skippers and can mean the difference between a good holiday and a bad one. Between September and November there is a window when temperatures are pleasant and the quantity of precipitation is reduced significantly, with winds blowing from the continent during the day and from out at sea at night.

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