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Day Charter

Create everlasting memories and experiences by renting a boat


Escape for a day charter! Whether it is for a corporate event, a romantic getaway, participating in a regatta or to spend an amazing day with your friends and family. The reasons for renting a boat for a single day are manifold. In almost every port of the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA, Germany and Holland you can hire a boat for a day.

Elegance 78
€ 25200
Elegance 78 Ehthele

Majorca / Port d' Andratx

MotoryachtCrewed boat2004
4Cabins 8Berths 24 mLength
Azimut 68
€ 27104
Azimut 68 Azimut 68S “Cristina”

Majorca / Palma de Mallorca

3Cabins 6Berths 2Toilets 21.6 mLength
Princess 64 Fly
€ 29400
Princess 64 Fly Mio Barco

Majorca / Palma / Cala Nova

MotoryachtCrewed boat2015
4Cabins 8Berths 3Toilets 19.7 mLength
Aicon 72 Open
€ 29645
Aicon 72 Open Aicon 72 SL „Manzanos II“

Majorca / Palma de Mallorca

4Cabins 8Berths 3Toilets 23 mLength
Riva 68
€ 43400
Riva 68 Pendragon

Majorca / Palma de Mallorca

MotoryachtCrewed boat2007
3Cabins 6 + 1Berths 3Toilets 20.82 mLength
Astondoa 90
€ 60200
Astondoa 90 Lady Alhena of London

Majorca / Palma de Mallorca

MotoryachtCrewed boat1994
5Cabins 11Berths 5Toilets 27.4 mLength
Eser Yat Kotra Yap
€ 60200
Eser Yat Kotra Yap Lady Tatiana of London

Majorca / Palma de Mallorca

MotoryachtCrewed boat2014
5Cabins 12Berths 5Toilets 25.8 mLength
Pershing 9x
€ 101640
Pershing 9x Baloo III

Ibiza / Eivissa

MotoryachtCrewed boat2018
4Cabins 8 + 1Berths 28.09 mLength

What is day charter?

In summer or on holiday many people like to do water sports. Boat rental is one option to spend a wonderful day or a few hours at sea or on a river and see the world from a different angle. You could go fishing, diving, snorkeling, wind or kitesurfing and you can find a secluded bay away from all the tourists in order to do that. There are so many toys you could try out on water – driving around on a pair of jet skis can be marvellous, so go ahead and start picturing yourself while you do your favourite kind of water sports!
Boat hire is perfect if you want to celebrate something special in your life like an anniversary, for example. It is great fun to cruise on a yacht and feel like it´s yours while you are on it. You could have a very luxurious picnic on deck or at that gorgeous secluded beach that you can only reach by boat – It doesn´t get more exclusive than that and nothing says I love you like taking a loved one along on an excursion with a sailing or motor yacht.

You could use the charter boat to watch the sunset in a beautiful location while you have a glass of bubbly in your hand and a big smile on your face. Just enjoy the scenery! And if you feel you haven´t had enough you could go on a longer trip and book a bareboat yacht charter or a crewed charter.

What is event charter?

Event charter is a frequent reason to hire a yacht for a day. Team bonding, celebrations or special occasions like watching the Monaco Grand Prix or the Cannes Film Festival could all be possible incentives.

One fantastic way of having a great day out on the boat is taking part in a sailing regatta. Sailing a yacht together is one of the best team-building exercises there are. Colleagues will enjoy each other´s company during an exhilarating race and learn a lot from working together in order to achieve well compared to the other teams.

What type of boat is suitable for a day charter?

The type of boat typically used for day charter are power boats. They are great for shorter excursions on the water or if you have a lot of places you want to visit in one day.
On the other hand you can also rent sailboats and catamarans. Especially for larger groups of people catamarans are very well suited. It could be families, a bachelor party, a company event or a couple on a honeymoon vacation that want to do something special for the day.

Experienced sailors will opt for a sailboat to get a day´s taste of real sailing. And for some special occasions, a classic sailing yacht can be just the thing. So go ahead and pick your choice from all these great options!

What are the prices for day charter?

The costs vary according to the type and size of boat you rent as well as the location. Whether it is a small motor boat or a large catamaran, prices can be very different, so think about what exactly you rent out the yacht for. Do you want to speed across the water and visit many ports? Host a party on a catamaran? Or go sailing for the day and hone your navigational skills?

As you see, there are so many different ways of spending a day charter. The day charter price will also be much higher in high season in Ibiza than on a river cruise in Germany in May.

As with one-week and two-week skippered and crewed charter you can include a skipper and a crew in the day charter, which will have an additional effect on the price.

When you are on a holiday and you spontaneously decide on a day charter, bear in mind that you may get to benefit from a good last minute deal.

Which qualifications do I need for a day charter?

In most countries you need a skipper´s license or proof that you have sufficient sailing experience in order to do bareboat charter. The RYA Day Skipper or the ICC – International Certificate of Competency are accepted in most European countries. In any case, your yacht charter provider will inform you of the regulations of the individual charter destination. Croatia for instance requires a skipper´s license and an additional radio license.
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