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Luxury Resort with Beautiful Scenery

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The resort is located on the Bozdurun Peninsula, near the popular port of Marmaris, which is a major tourist attraction in yacht charter Turkey. Just 25km from the famous resort, Orhaniye is nonetheless a whole different experience you’ll have to see to believe.

General Info
A rural setting, yacht charter Orhaniye is a luxury retreat for people that want to experience the true scenic beauty of Turkey. From a sailing point of view, the region presents interest because from here you can operate trips around the Bozburun Peninsula and also to the neighboring Greek islands of Symi or Rhodes.

Travel & Arrival
Though close to a large tourist center, the closest international airport is in Dalaman, 119km to the east over 2 hours away by car. The trip can be made with either a rental car or by bus through Marmaris. The second closest airport is in Bodrum, only 30 minutes away by car.

The road leading into this part of the peninsula is the D400 which also happens to be the route coming from the Dalaman airport in case you rented a car from there. But this only applies if you’re coming from the east.

There is also the possibility of arriving here by water, either in your own yacht since Orhaniye has its own marina, Marti marina, or by ferry via the Marmaris harbor.

Avant & Apres Sail
Despite the fact that the Orhaniye Bay is listed on the map as “Keçibükü” or “Goat Bay”, the locals call it “Kızkumu’” which is translated as “Maiden’s Sand” reffering to a sand spit that reaches out into the bay and that is wide enough to walk on. Local legend has it that the spit was formed a long time ago when one of the local girls tried to get to her lover over the sea and put some sand inside the hem of her dress. But since there wasn’t enough sand, she was drowned.

Orhaniye is Split into 2 parts. Both very suitable for visiting: the valley of the Keçibükü and the town which is made up of houses, restaurants and the marina, which is the second largest on the peninsula after the one in Marmaris.

There are some quality accommodations in Orhaniye that range from pensions, motels and apartments to luxury villas and bungalows. They offer a wide range of services to visitors depending on their budget and their preferences.

Culinary speaking, there are plenty of restaurants here when compared to the housing capacity and their menus are not only tasty but varied too. Of course, you can have traditional Turkish food while here but also exclusive European dishes, abounding in fresh sea food caught locally by fishermen. For those who rent out villas and want to self cater, there is a local weekly market in the village center where you can buy fresh produce.

Events & Actions
Since this is a generally wild region, most of the people who come here tend to do outdoor activities, out of which most are related with off road tours and just exploring the beautiful wild nature. The other fun activity in the region has to be sailing, since it offers some of the best sailing in the region, which is why a marina was built here.

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