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Charter in Göcek

Amazing Scenery and 4 Great Marinas for Your Sailing Holiday

Athena 38
€ 2099
Athena 38 Andromeda
4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 2Toilets 11.6 mLength
Fountaine Pajot 40
€ 2603
Fountaine Pajot 40 Amber
3Cabins 8 + 2Berths 2Toilets 11.73 mLength
Sun Odyssey 37
€ 1451
Sun Odyssey 37 Kacamak
3Cabins 8 + 2Berths 1Toilets 11.9 mLength
Fountaine Pajot 40
€ 2792
Fountaine Pajot 40 Sky Maria
4Cabins 10 + 2Berths 4Toilets 11.73 mLength
Bavaria Cruiser 46
€ 2935
Bavaria Cruiser 46
4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 14.27 mLength
Jeanneau 53
€ 3773
Jeanneau 53 Nazli Denizim
4Cabins 9 + 3Berths 5Toilets 16.06 mLength
Sun Odyssey 54 DS
€ 3305
Sun Odyssey 54 DS Pamina Blue
5Cabins 10Berths 4Toilets 16.75 mLength
thumb_up 4.90 / 5
Belize 43
€ 2414
Belize 43 The Big Easy
4Cabins 10 + 4Berths 2Toilets 13.04 mLength
Bavaria Cruiser 51
€ 3765
Bavaria Cruiser 51 Nanna
5Cabins 10Berths 3Toilets 15.57 mLength
Bavaria 44
€ 1784
Bavaria 44 Nil Mare
4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 13.93 mLength
Salina 48
€ 4511
Salina 48 Rough Boy
4Cabins 12 + 4Berths 4Toilets 14.3 mLength
Sun Odyssey 36i
€ 1379
Sun Odyssey 36i Schnecke
2Cabins 6 + 2Berths 1Toilets 10.69 mLength

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Regarded as the place where the mythical Ikarus landed in the sea, Gocek is one of those areas you have to see to believe. The scenery here is simply breathtaking, which would explain why this town, together with nearby Fethiye, is the most famous yacht charter Turkey region.

General Info
A famous area in Southern Turkey, Gocek is believed to be the place where Ikarus landed in the sea after his mythical flight. But aside from all the legends, Gocek is one of the most beautiful and most famous yachting centers in Turkey.

Testament to that are the 4 marinas: Club Marina, Skopea Marina, Municipality Marina and Port Gocek Marina, with a 5th being in construction. This is due to the position of the city within a protected bay, surrounded by fertile hills on 3 sides on the hinterland. Together with the nearby town of Fethiye, this region makes up the main center in Turkey.

Travel & Arrival
For flight purposes, the closest airport is the one in Dalaman, which can be reached via the D400 national road. The trip is roughly 30km which translates in about a half an hour drive back to the town center. There are also shuttle services that travel to Gocek and Fethiye, dropping off arrivals at the junction in the center of the town.
As previously mentioned, the D400 is the main road linking the city with the rest of Turkey, as well as other resorts along the coast such as Dalaman, Gokova, Marmaris or Fethiye. If your group is arriving here by car, a good idea would be to leave it at the car-park at the entrance of the town, since everything in Gocek is within walking distance.
By water, there are no ferries or cruise boats that stop in Gocek. The only way to get here in a boat is to charter one.

Avant & Apres Sail
Just like Marmaris or Fethiye, the town of Gocek has a long history and relics, like the rock tombs dating back 2000 years to the Lycian civilization. Other than that, there is little to be seen around the center, but there is always the Bay that can be explored, always an attraction for tourists.
The relative small size of the settlement makes it so that all shops are lined together on one street crossing the city. Here, you’ll find 3 supermarkets, gift shops, clothes boutiques and yachting equipment suppliers, perfect for those skippers looking to resupply.
The dining here is varied and quite eclectic, ranging from international to seafood specialties. There are also pastry shops, and Turkish specialties restaurants, as well as the ubiquitous fast food joints that serve kebabs or pitas. The waterfront is a good place to start looking for a place to eat. Many groups end up at any of the bars and cafes around the marinas.
The relative small size of the city makes it difficult to find quality nighttime entertainment, but for that, you can go to neighboring Dalaman or Fethiye. In Gocek, you’ll have to limit yourself to a couple of live music venues or a quiet drink at some of the cafes or the occasional wine bar.

Events & Actions
Such a prestigious center for yachting had to have its own regatta and the International Gocek Regatta does just that, year after year, at the end of May, bringing the who’s who of the sailing world. For the rest of the year, the main activities for public remain sailing, swimming and exploring the many coves of the bay, either on your own or in organized groups.

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