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Great Ancient Culture and Wonderful Sailing Territories

Bali 4.3
€ 3010
Bali 4.3 Alpaga
3Cabins 6 + 2Berths 2Toilets 13.2 mLength
Lagoon 380 S2
€ 2045
Lagoon 380 S2 Mare Salsa
4Cabins 8 + 1Berths 2Toilets 11.55 mLength
Lagoon 400-S2
€ 2855
Lagoon 400-S2 Mare Qiuero
4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 11.97 mLength
Lagoon 380
€ 2303
Lagoon 380 Tiando
3Cabins 6 + 1Berths 2Toilets 11.55 mLength
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latest by "Alexey" on 22 Jun 2019
  • : - 4.83
    "gratis restaurantstege. sauberes wasser in buchtenwegen faekalientanks. "
  • : - 4.90
    "excellent value for money. beautuful scenery "
  • : - 4.93
    "die grosse Gastfreundschaft der Tuerkei"
  • : - 4.93
    "sehr freundliche und hilfsbereite Menschen ueberall, wenig Verkehr, in vielen Buchten Landleinenfixierungen"
  • : - 4.48
    "lovely country, lovely friendly people and a superb natural landscape with amazing history"
  • : - 4.69
    "clean waters , most harbours very hospitable, good sailing conditions"
  • : - 4.57
    "Lovely people, great cuisine, climate, scenery! "
  • : - 4.14
    "Turkey will be a place I will recommend to all my colleagues and friends in North America."
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    "Die Türken sind im allgemeinen sehr freundlich."
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    "Ekinçik Marina: Preis/Leistung/Service/Marina/Landschaft/Restaurant: Empfehlung!"
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Not just a history lesson, a visit to Fethiye is also a very good time with lots of water activities, good food and a lovely informal atmosphere. English is the second language here because of the large numbers of Brits that picked this place to build their summer homes, one more reason this is a top spot for Turkey yacht charter.

General Info
The modern town sits on the ruins of the ancient settlement of Telmessos, which was a proeminent cultural and prophetical center since it was devoted to Appollo. The Greek and Roman ruins can seen be seen today and seem to blend in perfectly with the modern city of Fethyie, today, a hot spot.

Due to its position on the southwestern shore which overlooks the Mediterranean, Fethiye is among the most popular resorts in this part of Turkey, especially frequented by British crews for its nightlife and generally low prices.

Travel & Arrival
Despite its popularity, you’ll find that most tourists arrive here by water, as the nearest airport is a 1 hour drive from Dalaman. There’s also the airport in Antalya which is 3 hours away by car.

The Turkish road network affords Fethiye connections with other resorts on the coast, such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir and even Istambul, though that is a 14 hour trip so not the most comfortable choice if you’re planning a weekend getaway.

Arriving here in boats is relatively simple since there are numerous ferry companies operating in the region making scheduled and charter trips to Marmaris and Antalya. There is also the option of chartering wooden sailboats called gullets for daytrips.

Avant & Apres Sail
There is a lot of history in a d around Fethiye, dating back to the first people who lived here and many of the historical artifacts have survived the test of time unlike in other parts of the world, thus making them real tourist magnets. The most popular is the Lycian rock tomb which is carved out of the side of a cliff. Another big crowd pleaser is the fortress in the middle of the city built by the Knights of Rhodes.

You can also enjoy the historical remains of the Lycian culture in neighboring cities like Xanthos and Letoon. For Roman remains, history enthusiasts can check out the Telmessos antique Arena.

There are a few things worth picking up while in Turkey and in Fethiye in special. For example, Turkish rugs and carpets appeal to many visitors though you should keep an eye out for cheap Chinese replicas. Leather, silver and gold goods are also found here at decent prices and are all of good quality.

Considering that this is the birthplace of kebab and pide (flatbread), it’s worth eating out any any of the joints selling this typically Turkish fast food. gourmets shouldn’t worry though, because there are also fancy restaurants serving local dishes such as celeriac with lamb in lemon sauce, braised lamb, stuffed peppers and dolmatas with minced meat. There is also a nice selection of wine bars where one can enjoy a wide selection of grapes.

The nightlife in Fethie is divided into two separate parts: the formal one provided by most hotels and the informal one made up from the bars and clubs near the Old Town Bazaar that are open until morning. However, some of the fancier guests might find that the venues here lack sophistication. If it’s just a good time you’re looking for thenyou might also try the promenade along the Belcegiz Beach.

Events & Actions

There aren’t that many events in Fethiye but the most prominent is definitely the Çalış Carnival which happens every year at the end of May, which attracts many holidaymakers on the beaches.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t many things to do in Fethiye, on the contrary. There are numerous beach activities, there is hiking along the Lycian Way, weekly markets as well as daytrips to neighboring regions such as the Butterfly Valley and Kabak, two isolated canyons to the south of the city.

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