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Come visit the largest archipelago in the world and one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Europe. Yacht charter in Sweden is very attractive for all those who love sailing and offers top conditions (both natural and in terms of infrastructure) to those who prefer colder climates.

General Info

Sweden is the biggest Nordic country, covering almost half of the Scandinavian Peninsula and having a long shoreline towards the Baltic Sea. All its fjords, islands and islets carved in the granite coast by glacial erosion make it the perfect destination for your sailing holidays in Northern Europe.

The country was three times its size back in the 17th century when it was regarded as a military power but a lot of things have changed from back then. Now, Sweden thrives on peace and is actually one of the very few countries that don’t belong to any major military alliances. The population mirrors this attitude by being very open and tolerant towards everyone which means international visitors on a sailing charter holiday are going to feel right at home here.

Some of the most picturesque and appreciated sailing and touristic zones are the Bohuslän region and the Stockholm archipelago (the largest in the world). Here, you’re not only going to find sleepy fishing villages turned into holiday resorts like Marstrand and Nyköping on your boat rental but also thriving metropolises like Stockholm and Göteborg.

Law & Order

Swedish waters used to be open to everyone, especially yacht charterers, but with a dramatic increase in the number of vessels on the waters and the number of accidents the authorities have decided to toughen up the rules and regulations.

There are 3 categories of licenses that apply to different types of boats. First off, there is the mandatory driver’s license for boats with a hull longer than 10m and faster than 15 knots. Then, there’s the license for the boats longer than 12m and with a beam higher than 4m. Skippers sailing on pleasure boats equipped with a motor capable of propelling them up to 30 knots will also need a license.

For locals that exceed the age of 55 or for people living on islands that have no bridge or ferry connection to the mainland, the mandatory license does not apply. However, if you already have a skipper license issued in your home country, you can easily charter a yacht as this is recognized in Sweden. Careful though that your qualification matches the type of boat you’re sailing.

Getting into Sweden is easy, especially if you’re American or from any European country that is part of the Schengen Agreement. In that case, you and your charter crew can enter Sweden and stay up to 3 months with just a valid passport. Citizens from other countries are advised to check with their local Swedish consulate in order to see how to get a tourist visa.

Other northern countries don’t require visas for their citizens either, even if they are not part of the Schengen agreement. However, Sweden has a separate agreement that facilitates entry for tourists coming from these countries.

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