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The Arabians used to call their settlement on the north-eastern coast of Majorca Al-Kudia. The settlement was built on the ruins of the Roman town Pollentia.

General Info
This resort can be found on the northern tip of Mallorca. Whereas other resorts on the eastern and southern shores like Cala d’Or, El arenal or Porto Colom have evolved from fishing villages, Puerto Alcudia was actually a medieval town which explains the local architexture.

It lies on the Bay of Alcudia and it’s a town with Moortish and Roman influences which has since turned into a touristy location. Though the resort is situated on completely flat terrain, there are a series of lakes and canal inland where the enthusiast can do some exploring.

Travel Arrival
The exact distance from Palma, the capital of Mallorca is 52km and it’s about the same from the airport. However, transfer back into town can take some time due to the quality of the roads and the traffic so expect to spend as much as an hour on the road, regardless if your group is travelling by bus or taxi.

Good news is that there is option of arriving here by boat. If you haven’t chartered a yavht yet, you can book a ferry ticket from Barcelona or Ciutadella, a city on the neighboring island of Menorca. For links with other cities on the Spanish shore or the rest of the Balearics, you’ll need to connect with Palma.

Avant & Apres Sail
Many consider Puerto Alcudia a perfect family destination due to the quality of the beaches, the services and the general atmosphere. The town used to be called Pollentia in ancient times and today it’s full of restored narrow medieval streets where you can find shops, restaurants and cafes. The most interesting places for foreign crowds are the old bridge which is well preserved and the remains of the theater.

Though numerous, the shops in Puerto Alcudia don’t offer high end merchandise so you can forget about luxury shopping. However, there are good deals to be had at the markets happening every Tuesday and Sunday and generally dealing fruit, vegetables and handicrafts. There is a Wednesday market in neighboring Sineu (30 km due south) which is considered the best traditional Mallorcan market so it’s worth a trip with your friends.

Though you are in the heart of the Spanish culture, you will be amazed at the number of establishments that serve traditional English breakfasts, due to the large numbers of Brits that chose this location as their summer retreat. Also on the local menus you’ll find Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Turkish specialties as well as a wide array of fast food places.

Good news for those sailors looking for a good time after dark. Puerto Alcudia is the night time entertainment center of the north side of the island so there’s plenty to do and see. There’s one huge club and a hoard of several other smaller clubs that stay open through the night. Also, around the harbor there are lots of live music and karaoke bars. Still, you can’t compare these places with the much livelier and noisier resorts from the south of the island.

Events & Actions
The beach receives a lot of attention from the guests which is why you’ll find it offering exceptional services, with golden sands, water sport equipment hire, lifeguards and even an option to paraglide. On land, you’ll enjoy a few holes at the local golf course, go karting or cycing around town and the local countryside.

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