St. Lucia

Charter Destination St. Lucia

A Natural Paradise with Great Infrastructure for Yacht Rental

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The unique beauty of this place makes your stay in Rodney Bay an unforgettable experience, not to mention the fact that the conditions for yacht charter guests here are among the best in the entire Caribbean.

General Info
Rodney Bay is actually a man-made 80 acre lagoon in a natural bay where can enjoy some of the best conditions in the Caribbean, not to mention some high quality sailing along the coastline.

Named after Admiral George Rodney who defeated the French fleet in 1780, the small village is located on the northwestern tip of the island of Saint Lucia, to the north of Choc Bay. Though not part of the usual circuit, there is considerable tourist potential here.

Travel & Arrival
Arriving in Rodney Bay isn’t that difficult considering that out of all the Caribbean islands, Saint Lucia is the most frequented by international flights, many from Europe, from cities like London, Paris or Amsterdam, giving the addicts a chance to be on the water in no time.

There is only one road on the circling the entire island and then breaking off to reach the northern tip, so regardless if you’re driving a rental or taking a cab, there’s no way to miss Rodney Bay. Since the island can be driven across in a matter of hours, there are really no time delays taken on transfers.

There are also small ferries making runs from different points on the island, including the neighboring Pigeon Island which is also a national park, thus a point of interest.

Avant & Apres Sail
The overall region where Rodney Bay is located is picturesque in itself, but there are a couple of sights to be visited in case you get bored of the beaches. First off, there’s the marina, the visitors gathering point and also the destination of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the transatlantic yacht crossing, taking place every December.

Then there is the aforementioned Pigeon Island, a national park where you can explore the Caribbean landscape and marvel at the plant species and wildlife (not to mention the historic old Fort Rodney), located to the north of the village, then there’s the Labrellotte Point to the south. For those seamen with an affinity for movies, there’s also the Unicorn Brig to be visited, a boat that was used in the making of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Most of Saint Lucia’s restaurants and shops are located in Rodney Bay. Don’t go thinking however that shopping here means expensive clothing boutiques by top brands but Rodney Bay does have the biggest shopping mall on the island which means you won’t go home without any souvenirs from that trip.

The local restaurants which can be found near the marina serve a mixture of dishes, ranging from international to Thai menus. A big place is taken up by grill places which serve to the hungry visitors stakes in various sizes. There are also some coffee shops where you can enjoy a nice drink.

The nightlife is also centered around the marina, but overall this is a quiet resort, perfect for families and for young couples seeking a romantic time alone. In fact, there are many that choose Saint Lucia as their place to get married.

Actions & Events
Sunbathing and swimming are on the agenda at all times throughout the year since the weather is almost always fine. These are the reasons most come to the shores of Rodney Bay. The other big activity around here is sailing in boats of course, but the conditions are such that fishing and diving are also among the top preferences of guests. There are trips to be made along the island and there is also a golf course just northeast of the village.

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