Renal 36
€ 1372
Renal 36 Drait 104 (6 Pers)


3Cabins 6Berths 1Toilets 11 mLength
Kotterjacht 10.7 GL
€ 1382
Kotterjacht 10.7 GL Elaine (4 Pers)


2Cabins 4Berths 1Toilets 11.3 mLength
Kotterjacht 12.2 GL
€ 1488
Kotterjacht 12.2 GL Antoinette (6 Pers)


3Cabins 6Berths 2Toilets 13 mLength
Campi 400
€ 1640
Campi 400 Campi V (2+4 Pers) (400)


2Cabins 2 + 4Berths 1Toilets 12.5 mLength
Deluxe 42
€ 1936
Deluxe 42 Drait 116 (8+2 Pers)


4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 2Toilets 12.9 mLength
Sloep Cabin 750
€ 518
Sloep Cabin 750 Drait 155 (2 Pers)


1Cabins 2Berths 1Toilets 7.5 mLength
Classicline 1300
€ 1803
Classicline 1300 Drait 50 (6 Pers)


3Cabins 6Berths 3Toilets 13.15 mLength
Classicline 1300
€ 1803
Classicline 1300 Drait 52 (4 Pers)


2Cabins 4Berths 2Toilets 13.15 mLength
Vlet Cabin
€ 518
Vlet Cabin Drait 53 (2 Pers)


1Cabins 2Berths 1Toilets 6.5 mLength
Advantage 42
€ 1670
Advantage 42 Drait 77 (8 Pers)


3Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 12.8 mLength
Advantage 42
€ 1670
Advantage 42 Drait 79 (4 Pers)


2Cabins 4Berths 2Toilets 12.8 mLength
Bravoure 34
€ 1358
Bravoure 34 Drait 82 (2+2 Pers)


2Cabins 2 + 2Berths 1Toilets 10.2 mLength

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Discover the unspoiled natural beauty of the Netherlands with Woudsend as your starting point. Nestled in the heart of Friesland, Woudsend is an idyllic sailing destination renowned for its picturesque landscapes, charming windmills, and a rich sailing heritage. This traditional Frisian village boasts perfect access to the Frisian Lakes, IJsselmeer, and the charming towns around them. Immerse yourself in a two-week sailing vacation filled with tranquility, historic exploration, and the pleasure of navigation on calm inland waters.

What are some of the popular destinations to sail to from Woudsend?

Sailing from Woudsend opens up a world of Dutch waterways, including the IJsselmeer, the Markermeer, and the Frisian Lakes. You can explore the charming towns of Sneek, Heeg, and Lemmer.

What sailing conditions can I expect around Woudsend?

The waters around Woudsend are typically calm and well-suited for peaceful cruising. Remember, the weather can change, so it's always wise to check local weather forecasts before setting sail.

What amenities are available at the Woudsend Marina?

Woudsend Marina is equipped with essential facilities including freshwater, electricity, Wi-Fi, toilets and showers, and waste disposal. The marina is a short walk from the town centre, which offers shops and restaurants.

Can you recommend local delicacies to try in Woudsend?

Don't miss the chance to try local Frisian specialities such as "Fryske Dumkes" (spiced shortbread) and "Oranjekoek" (an orange-glazed cake). Fresh seafood, especially herring, is also a must-try.

What are some recommended anchoring spots around Woudsend?

There are many peaceful anchoring spots in the nearby lakes such as Heegermeer and Slotermeer. Please ensure to adhere to local regulations when choosing an anchoring spot.

Are there any historical attractions I should visit?

Absolutely! The De Jager and De Vlijt windmills in Woudsend are iconic historical sites. In addition, the towns of Sneek, Stavoren, and Hindeloopen offer historical buildings and maritime museums.

Are there any water sports activities in Woudsend?

Yes, Friesland is a hub for water sports. Besides sailing, you can indulge in windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and fishing.

When is the best time to sail from Woudsend?

The prime sailing season in the Netherlands runs from April through October, with July and August being the warmest and busiest months. However, the spring and autumn months also offer quieter waterways and pleasant weather.

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