Drachtster Sloep 750
€ 2065
Drachtster Sloep 750 Samba


7.5 mLength
Drachtster Camping Sloep
€ 2240
Drachtster Camping Sloep Tango


2Berths 1Toilets 7.5 mLength
€ 635
Valk Valk


6.65 mLength
Drachtster Sloep 750
€ 2065
Drachtster Sloep 750 Wals


7.5 mLength
Stabila 1320
€ 1594
Stabila 1320 Wendela (8 Pers)


4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 13.2 mLength

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Situated in the heart of Friesland, Drachten offers an exciting and diverse sailing experience in the Netherlands. The region is renowned for its beautiful lakes, canals, and historic villages. From the modern marina in Drachten, sailors can embark on a two-week journey that includes everything from serene natural scenery to vibrant city life. The possibilities are many - navigating through the fascinating water network of Friesland, visiting the historic cities of Leeuwarden and Sneek, or participating in the area's rich watersports scene.

What are some key attractions for sailors in and around Drachten?

Drachten provides access to the captivating waterways of Friesland. You can visit the nearby De Alde Feanen National Park, sail to the historic city of Sneek, or even participate in the famous Skûtsjesilen sailing event if your trip coincides.

How are the sailing conditions around Drachten?

Friesland has a temperate maritime climate. You can expect relatively mild and stable weather conditions. However, it's always important to check local forecasts before setting sail.

What facilities does Drachten marina offer?

Drachten marina provides several facilities, including berths with electricity and water, showers and toilets, a fuel station, Wi-Fi, and waste disposal. There are also a variety of shops and restaurants within walking distance.

What local dishes should I try in Drachten?

Friesland is known for its dairy products. Be sure to try local cheese and the traditional buttermilk soup, 'Fryske Sûpe'. Also, enjoy the famous Dutch pancakes, Poffertjes.

Are there recommended anchorages near Drachten?

Friesland's lakes and canals have several picturesque anchorages. The Princenhof and Sneekermeer lakes are popular choices. Remember to observe local anchoring regulations.

Are there any historical sites to visit in the area?

Friesland is rich in history. You can visit the Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker, the historic city of Leeuwarden, and the charming village of Sloten, all easily reachable by water.

What water sports can I enjoy in Drachten?

Friesland is a hotbed for water sports. You can enjoy sailing, swimming, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and canoeing. The Sneekweek, an annual sailing event, is a highlight for water sports enthusiasts.

What is the best time to sail from Drachten?

The sailing season in the Netherlands typically runs from April to October. The summer months (June to August) provide the warmest weather. However, the spring and autumn also offer beautiful sailing conditions and fewer crowds.

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