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Porto Montenegro enjoys a privileged position within one of the most picturesque regions of Montenegro – the bay of Kotor and has been developed by a handful of business from across the world to cater to the luxurious tourist market who happen to enjoy sailing and yachts.

General Info
Converted from an abandoned naval yard and ex-military base, Porto Montenegro was the brainchild of several foreign and local business men who dreamed of creating a luxurious marina and living space in this absolutely beautiful and isolated corner of the Adriatic Sea which also happens to be one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean.

The project is located near Tivat, another coastal town in Montenegro which can be found on the shores of the Kotor Bay. It too enjoys popularity among sailing circles as a great maritime base for exploring the Adriatic.

Travel & Arrival
The main means of arrival in Porto Montenegro is by plane since the resort is served by its very own international airport called Tivat International which is just 10 minutes away by car, being located just outside of the resort, further down the coast. This is the largest airport in the country, with daily flights to Belgrade as well as a number of charter aircraft that land here in the summer season.

By land, the resort is connected to the famous Adriatic Highway, a 2-laned road that runs the length of the Montenegro coastline. It has connections inland with Budva or Sutomore, some other interesting places to visit while in this country.

Another means of arrival is by water since Porto Montenegro was named port of entry in the country and thus equipped with the necessary infrastructure to receive and process incoming vessels.

Avant & Apres Sail
There is plenty to see and experience in the area of Porto Montenegro, which is why the entire region of the Kotor Bay has been turned into an UNESCO World Heritage Site and declared as Europe’s most southerly fjord. As you may know, a fjord is characterized by unusually deep waters which is why the marina was considered to be perfect not only for smaller pleasure crafts but also for yachts larger than 30m.

The overall architecture of Porto Montenegro was made to emulate the chic atmosphere of Italian cities on the other side of the Adriatic such as Venice and Perast, which means you’ll have plenty of things to look at while enjoying a holiday. If you’re looking for a more historical feel, head into Tivat and visit the Summer House Buca and its Renaissance architecture, the Ostrvo Cvijeca (Flower’s island) or the sandy beach of Plavi Horizonti and the Bothanical Garden which was populated by exotic species brought back by sailors from their voyages at sea.

Because Porto Montenegro is a place aimed at a higher standard of travelers, you’ll find that it offers an exquisite dining experience and the same can be said about the night scene and the shopping. Restaurants that serve world-famous recipes, chic boutiques from the most famous and exclusive name brands and fashionable bars and clubs where you can hang out with the rich men of Europe are among the things that await you in Porto Montenegro.

Event& Actions
With a very active yacht club, a Theater hall, a sports club and a wonderful countryside surrounding it, you can say that Porto Montenegro has a lot to offer in terms of activities and events so that you’ll never grow bored during your stay here. There are plans for golf courses around the resort to further increase the touristic potential and appeal.

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