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Kotor - Visit the Deepest Fjord in Southern Europe on Your Boat Rental

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Montenegro / Kotor

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Montenegro / Kotor

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There are few places in the Adriatic that can rival the beauty of Kotor, hidden among high rocky landscape with plenty of wild vegetation and an medieval town reminiscent of Italian strongholds.

General Info
Though not many take into consideration Montenegro when planning their holiday, there are is some quality sailing in this part of the Adriatic. For example, the town of Kotor, hidden away in the gulf of Kotor, an old settlement built by the Venetians in a secluded bay, with impressive fortifications.

In recent year, Kotor has increased its touristic potential and the old part of town was entered into the World Heritage Site circuit. So if you want an unconventional escape, why not consider the ancient shores of Kotor?

Travel & Arrival
Modernity has not gone by the inhabitants of the region and there is an international airport just 8km from the town, Tivat, with flights from Air Moldova, Jat Airways, Montenegro Airlines, Moskovia Airlines and Transaero that connect with cities such as Belgrade, Copenhagen, London, Moscow and even Paris, offering groups across Europe multiple choices. An alternative is Dubrovnik airport in Croatia, somewhat more popular and having permanent flights to many European capitals. This one is 73km away from Kotor, while also providing a somewhat better quality standard.

Land transportation includes bus lines from all major cities in Montenegro. There’s also the option of driving here, but since the resort is located in a mountainous region, the roads are mostly winding and thus unsuitable for speeds over 80km/h. Transfer from airports in done is shuttles or busses and there is the possibility of car rental.

Water transportation is on a charter base only, as there are no public ferries arriving in this secluded waters. However, for those sailors that arrive here by water, there are good conditions provided by local marinas. The deep waters of the bay also allow big cruise ships to make regular stops.

Avant & Apres Sail
This old city is surrounded on both sides by tall mountains that drop steeply to the blue waters of the bay, creating a natural barrier for Kotor to the outside world. The only part that is unprotected by the mountains or the water is protected by heavy walls, built by the Venetians together with the settlements itself.

The old part is very much in accordance with medieval cities all along the Mediterranean shores, with very narrow pedestrian streets, lined with cobble stone, sometimes very abrupt, following the contours of the countryside. guests can visit the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, the famous ancient walls stretching out for 4.5km, the two islets off the coast of Perast and the Maritime Museum.

In fact, the old town is still very much the heart of the city, where you’ll find most of the shops, bars, restaurants and sights. It’s where you’ll find the open market where you can buy almost anything. There are also lots of boutiques but be on the lookout for traps which sell counterfeited brands of clothing and accessories.

A meal on the town is just as easy to find, as there is a wide array of establishments, from the very chic to the very cheap. The menus are as varied as the types of budget, ranging from international to Italian and local cuisine. As always, gourmands are advised to try the fish specialties like the cuttlefish risotto.

For an old town Kotor has an amazing nightlife, though for the venues inside the city center the opening hours end at midnight by law. That’s when most of the party crowds move to one of the many clubs outside the walls or along the waterfront.

Events & Actions
Kotor is first and foremost a good place to get a lovely tan. There are lots of beaches with golden sand and lots of sunny days when the green mountains glisten in the deep blue waters of the bay. In order to attract even more holidaymakers, the officials have organized a series of events throughout summer. There’s the Summer Carnival and a Winter Carnival, there’s a boat show, the biggest in Montenegro, the Fiat Festival of Alternative Theater and many more.

As far as activities go, beachside activities are the most important, but there are also boat trips, day trips both inland and around the city, football fields and tennis courts, horse riding, cycling and hiking, all in a unique atmosphere, so very different from the rest of the Adriatic shores. Just what the doctor ordered.

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