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Bar is commonly known as the most important seaside resort in Montenegro and, as of late, a meeting place for regulars who want to avoid the Adriatic crowds in Croatia and Italy. A place with a long history and many historical sites, with a beautiful natural setting and a welcoming population, Bar should definitely be your next holiday destination.

General Info
This ancient port is known by many names: the locals call it Bar, the Italians call it Antibari (because it’s located on the opposite side of the Adriatic as the city of Bari in Italy), the Albanians call it Tivari, the Greek Antivarion and the Latins used to call it Antibarium. But whatever it may be called, this ancient port is a place full of history and also a melting pot of nations and cultures.

Its long history is marked by long periods under different ruling civilizations, many of which have left significant remains that can be still seen to this day. Today, it represents a model of how the old can mix with the new and how man can coexist beautifully with nature.

Travel & Arrival
If you’re thinking of arriving in Bar, you should know that the closest airport is Podgorica International Airport which is located 45km inland to the northeast and takes about 50 minutes to reach by car. Your best bet would be to either rent a car locally or take one of the buses that run on this route.

The Serbian Railways has night and day trains running from Novi Sad that also make stops in Belgrade, Nis and Podgorica. In the summer, to accommodate large numbers of tourist travelers, there are trains running from Moscow via Kiev and Budapest.

Since Bar is considered the sister town of Bari, it is linked with its Italian counterpart on the other side of the Adriatic via a ferry line  that makes possible arriving in Bar by water. There are also ferries to Ancona, Italy in the north of the Adriatic coast twice a week. 

Avant & Apres Sail
Any exploration of the town of Bar should start with the old part of town, Stari Bar. Though largely dilapidated, the old fortress still has the power to capture one’s imagination and impress upon those who visit it the beauty of the Montenegrin countryside. Many civilizations have made their home here during the ages and they all left their mark here and also in other place in Bar.

Among the other many things and places worth visiting in Bar, we will only mention a couple that are the most noteworthy: the Bar Tricanch Church, the remains of the Benedictine monastery of Our Lady of Ratac, the fortress of Nahaj used by the Venetians and the Turks, the oldest olive tree in the world, the port of Bar and the stunning beaches of Susanj.

sailors will be pleased to know that here is also the place of the largest lake in the Balkans, Skadar Lake that covers a surface between 350 and 500 sq km depending on the season. This is a region worth visiting in its own, but it also makes a great daytrip and a perfectly good reason to get out of Bar.

But don’t go thinking that Bar is just one more medieval town on the Adriatic shores. As Montenegro’s main seaside port, it has undergone a major modernization process that included the construction of modern buildings, wide boulevards and lots of parking spaces.

Events & Actions
One of the favored activities of those who visit Bar is sunbathing as there are many fine beaches in and around town, notably Sutomore which encompasses 9 km of sandy coast. These are lined with lots of bars and sports facilities where you can pass the time in a fun and pleasant way.

Among the many events held in Bar throughout the year, there are the “Summer with Stars” a series of music concerts in July and August, the Sport Games of Crmnica, the Days of Zagradje, the Olive Festivity, the Festival of Wine and Bleak in December and the International TV Festival. As you can see, the local authorities try to organize as many events in the summer time to keep the large crowds busy and entertained

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