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Sun Loft 47
€ 4048
Sun Loft 47 CHANDRA

Punta Ala

6Cabins 12Berths 4Toilets 14 mLength
Bavaria Cruiser 46
€ 3212
Bavaria Cruiser 46 Blue Dream I

Punta Ala

4Cabins 8 + 1Berths 3Toilets 14.27 mLength
Lagoon 42
€ 5593
Lagoon 42 CRUDELIA

Punta Ala

6Cabins 12Berths 5Toilets 12.94 mLength
Sun Odyssey 419
€ 2572
Sun Odyssey 419 Mastina

Punta Ala

3Cabins 6Berths 1Toilets 12.76 mLength
Oceanis 38.1
€ 2316
Oceanis 38.1 SEA WOLF

Punta Ala

3Cabins 6Berths 1Toilets 11.5 mLength
Sun Odyssey 449
€ 3153
Sun Odyssey 449 Teorica II

Punta Ala

4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 2Toilets 13.76 mLength

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Starting out in the 70s with major investments in the tourism industry, Punta Ala is today one of the best yacht charter Italy locations in Tuscany. The proximity to the island of Elba makes it a perfect base to explore the neighboring region and get a taste of the Italian coastline.

General Info
With its position on a dramatic promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, it seems the small settlement of Punta Ala, formely known as Punta Troia, was destined to become a resort, on the Italian Tuscan coast.

Just kilometers from the town of Castiglione (officially, Punta Ala is a part of it), the small resort started its ascension on the tourist maps in the early 70s when investments were made to the local infrastructure and sailing was more widely practiced. The name means “Wing Point” and it was given due to the shape of the promontory it sits on.

Travel & Arrival
There are two ways you can get to Punta Ala, either by land or by water. By land would have to be the more sensible choice for any party since there’s only one road leading into town and one leading out. The way to get here is to arrive in the closest bigger city, Castiglione and then drive via the SS158 to Punta Ala.

Though the port is relatively new, being completed after the 1970s, it’s still not big enough to attract regular ferry rides, so it only caters for boats at the moment, or privately owned boats.

Avant & Apres Sail
Seeing as it’s more of a modern settlement, there aren’t that many historical landmarks to be seen. The only ones worth mentioning are the Hidalgo tower which overlooks the modern town and offers the intrepid explorer a nice view of the whole region towards Elba island, Il Castello de Punta Ala built in the 16th century by the Medici for protection from the pirates and the Appiani tower which had the same purpose.

The food served in local restaurants is quintessentially Italian, though some of the hotel restaurants do serve international dishes too. From pasta to pizza and other Italian delicacies, the gourmet won’t go hungry while visiting here.

Events & Actions
Aside from the pleasant weather, the lovely beaches and the remote location, Punta Ala is known for its sailing pedigree, especially for its sailing regattas which are organized by the “Punta Ala Yacht Club” and which are famous on this part of the Italian coast. With a well equipped marina and lots of fine sailing conditions you’ll find that this particular stretch of the coast is a paradise.

Other activityes can include day trips to either neighboring Castiglione or the Elba island, famous as the place where Napoleon spent the last days of his life in exile but also for the wonderful rugged landscape.

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