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Nettuno impresses with its picturesque historic centre and its miles-long sandy beaches. Even people from Rome spend their summer holidays here.

General Info
Any town named after the mighty god of the sea is sure to be a wonderful place for sailors and holidaymakers. True to its name, the city of Nettuno, situated in central Italy, on the west coast, just 60km from Rome in the Lazio region, is a veritable paradise for people who are into boats but it’s also a lovely place to spend a vacation.

Founded by the Saracens in the 9th century, Nettuno is not only an important tourist center but it’s also a pilgrimage point and a big sports center as Italy’s most successful baseball team is located here, the Danesi Nettuno. sailors coming here are spoiled for options when it comes to visiting places.

Travel & Arrival
Being positioned so close to the capital and on a part of the coast that attracts numerous tourists each year, you’ll find that Nettuno is very easily reachable by land, sea or air. By air, the city is just 60km away from Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport which also handles the flights to Rome so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a flight from your location.

The trip back to town can be made by bus or by train, since there are hourly rides being made via Anzio and they’re also pretty easy on the budget. By car, getting into Nettuno is also easy, because all you have to do is follow the SS148 out of Rome.

Avant & Apres Sail
Among the most visited landmarks in town you’ll find the medieval center with its narrow street and small plazas, with the Forte Sangallo built in 1503 and the shrine of Saint Maria Goretti.

sport lovers will be pleasantly surprised to find out that the locals have one of the most successful baseball teams in Italy. This tradition was brought here by the Americans who landed during WWII for Operatin Shingle. That’s why at the northern edge of town you’ll find the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial.

When asked about the food being served in the restaurants around Nettuno, one of the locals once said “si mangia benissimo” which would translate to “you can eat very well”. But don’t take his word for it, try any of the establishments in the old town or along the seafront which specialize in seafood and other typically Italian dishes and you’ll see what gets the locals (and the visitors) so happy.

The night scene here is famous and has been so for decades. The best word to describe it would have to be “wild” since there seems to be an endless number of clubs at every corner of the streets where you can have a good time, listen to good music and hang out with other groups.

Events & Actions
Just like any other Italian city on the Mediterranean coast, Nettuno loves to celebrate its heritage but also its traditions and the arts. Thoughtout the year, the seaman can attend the Neptune Wine Festival (October), the Concert Choir of Neptune festival (May) the Anniversary Landing (January) and in August the Nettunese Summer Fest.

Why is Nettuno a sought-after sailing destination in Italy?

Nettuno, located just south of Rome on Italy's western coast, is renowned for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and diverse marine life. The city's marina is one of the best in the region and provides easy access to both the Tyrrhenian Sea and the scenic Italian coast.

What are the facilities available at the marina in Nettuno?

Nettuno Marina is a modern and fully equipped marina. It offers a wide range of services such as water supply, electricity, Wi-Fi, showers, a laundry area, technical assistance, and fuel. The marina is also in close proximity to several shops, restaurants, and attractions in the town.

Which are the must-visit anchorages around Nettuno?

Nettuno is surrounded by beautiful anchorages. The most popular include Anzio, Circeo, and the Pontine Islands, all of which provide sailors with gorgeous views and calm waters perfect for anchoring and spending the day relaxing or exploring.

What cultural attractions should I not miss in Nettuno?

Nettuno's rich history is worth exploring. Visit the medieval quarter of the town, Borgo Medievale, the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora delle Grazie e Santa Maria Goretti, and the Sangallo Fortress. Also, don't miss out on visiting the American Cemetery, a memorial for the American soldiers who died in the battle of Anzio in World War II.

What water activities can sailors indulge in around Nettuno?

Apart from sailing, there's plenty for water lovers to do in Nettuno. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular due to the rich marine life and clear waters. Water skiing and paddleboarding are other fun activities that visitors can enjoy.

What are some local dishes sailors must try in Nettuno?

Seafood is a staple in Nettuno. Local favorites include Spaghetti alle Vongole (spaghetti with clams) and Fritto Misto (mixed fried seafood). For dessert, try Maritozzo, a sweet bun filled with whipped cream, a specialty of the Lazio region.

Are there any local festivals or events sailors should be aware of in Nettuno?

Nettuno hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year. The most popular is the Feast of Saint Maria Goretti, the town's patron saint, celebrated in July with religious processions, music, and fireworks. Summer also brings various music and food festivals to the town.

What tips can you provide for sailing around Nettuno?

The waters around Nettuno can be quite busy, especially during the peak summer months. It's advised to book marina spaces in advance and always respect the marine environment by not throwing any waste overboard and minimizing noise pollution.

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