Follonica / Marina di Scarlino


Etrusca Marina - Ideal for Boat Rental and to Explore the Stunning Thyrrenian Sea

Bavaria Cruiser 45
€ 2216
Bavaria Cruiser 45 Cloe
4Cabins 8 + 1Berths 3Toilets 14.27 mLength
thumb_up 4.41 / 5
Bavaria 49
€ 2750
Bavaria 49 Hadriel
5Cabins 10 + 2Berths 3Toilets 15.4 mLength
Oceanis 43
€ 1940
Oceanis 43 Interceptor 1
4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 2Toilets 13.1 mLength
Oceanis 48
€ 2995
Oceanis 48 Orchidea
5Cabins 10Berths 3Toilets 14.6 mLength
Hanse 415
€ 2278
Hanse 415 Talia
3Cabins 6Berths 1Toilets 12.4 mLength
Bavaria Cruiser 45
€ 2270
Bavaria Cruiser 45 Tiresia
4Cabins 8 + 1Berths 3Toilets 14.27 mLength
Sun Odyssey 479
€ 2720
Sun Odyssey 479 Azzurra
4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 4Toilets 14.43 mLength
Sun Odyssey 519
€ 3310
Sun Odyssey 519 Bianca
5Cabins 10 + 2Berths 3Toilets 15.38 mLength
Oceanis 50 Family
€ 3085
Oceanis 50 Family Calipso
5Cabins 10 + 2Berths 3Toilets 15.42 mLength
Bavaria Cruiser 46
€ 2230
Bavaria Cruiser 46 Francesca
4Cabins 8Berths 3Toilets 14.27 mLength
thumb_up 4.28 / 5
Oceanis 45
€ 2315
Oceanis 45 Luna Piena
4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 13.85 mLength
Bavaria Cruiser 46
€ 2320
Bavaria Cruiser 46 Mokoro Sc
4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 14.2 mLength

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VeryGoodFollonica / Marina di Scarlino
64.59 / 5
Very Good

6 Reviews for Follonica / Marina di Scarlino
latest by "Marina" on 14 Sep 2019
  • : - 3.79
    "рестораны и кафе"
  • : - 4.86
    "Great locations around Elba, great food, beautiful towns, convenient marinas and bays"
  • : - 4.41
    "оснащение марины"
  • : - 4.12
  • : - 4.42
    "Das Segelrevier ist Top"
  • : - 5.00
    "vicinanza alle Isole"
  • : - 4.52
    "Viele Optionen, viel Sehenswertes"
  • : - 3.86
    "Revier ist ausreichend bekannt und für eine Woche sehr geeignet.Den Liegeplatz in Portofferaio per Mail vorbestellen,ist eine sehr schöne Maßnahme."

Follonica / Marina di Scarlino is a meeting place for a great deal of yacht charter guests who flock to its shores yearly. Apart from offering great sailing territories with varied cruising itineraries, Follonica / Marina di Scarlino also has a good infrastructure for boat rentals.

Because Follonica / Marina di Scarlino is a popular destination, YachtBooker offers a range of different models of beautiful boats. In order to access those yachts, just head above to the menu labelled YachtFinder® and click on the respective boxes in order to enter the criteria needed for your search. The more details you enter, the more refined your search results will be. If you don’t know what criteria you’re searching for, just click on the arrows to get a list of suggestions in the drop-down menu.

Keep in mind that there are more than one location to go to when visiting Follonica / Marina di Scarlino. You can read descriptions of neighbouring resorts in Follonica / Marina di Scarlino by clicking on the article list located in the right corner on top of the page. Each link is an article structured according to the main needs of a sailor on a boat rental: logistics, what to do once you get there and the most important sights to see.

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