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Jeanneau 53
€ 4464
Jeanneau 53 Big Fella Thanks


5Cabins 10 + 3Berths 4Toilets 16.06 mLength
Bali 4.1
€ 5020
Bali 4.1 Double Six


4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 12.35 mLength
Dufour 460 Grand Large
€ 3565
Dufour 460 Grand Large Gerry


4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 14.15 mLength
Oceanis 50 Family
€ 4119
Oceanis 50 Family In Compliance


6Cabins 10 + 3Berths 4Toilets 15.42 mLength
Dufour 365
€ 1829
Dufour 365 Skiros


3Cabins 6Berths 1Toilets 10.81 mLength
Dufour 520 Grande Large
€ 5010
Dufour 520 Grande Large Captain Redbeard


5Cabins 10Berths 3Toilets 15.2 mLength
Bali 4.1
€ 5020
Bali 4.1 Double Five


4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 12.35 mLength
Lagoon 421
€ 4441
Lagoon 421 Double Seven


4Cabins 8Berths 4Toilets 12.61 mLength
Dufour 410 Grand Large
€ 2489
Dufour 410 Grand Large Fourten


3Cabins 6Berths 1Toilets 12.35 mLength
Bavaria 50 Cruiser
€ 3680
Bavaria 50 Cruiser Jeannine


5Cabins 10 + 2Berths 3Toilets 15.4 mLength
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5
€ 3895
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 Moonbreeze


6Cabins 10 + 3Berths 3Toilets 15.62 mLength
Dufour 450 Grand Large
€ 2906
Dufour 450 Grand Large Oscar Time


4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 13.5 mLength

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General Information
In Malta's main port Valetta you can rent sailboats and motor yachts as bareboat or with skipper. Indenpendently if you chose to steer your boat by yourself or you rely on the expertise of an experinced crew, you will find fantastic bays and anchorspots in daysailing distances from the Valetta Harbor.

Malta seems to be only a small spot in the southern Mediterranean, but it was always hard fought by many cultures. Thanks to its preferred location in the south of Europe, it has an all year mild climate and offers great opportunities for sailing holidays.

Malta is a real Open-Air-Museum. It offers their visitors many cultural and historical highlights. The water sports enthusiasts among the can chose from various activities around the coast of Malta.

Travel & Arrival
The island Malta has an own international airport. It even has an own airline called Air Malta, which offers flights to many European cities and Arabian Countries. The Malta International Airport is also frequented by No-frills airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet, which should enlighten price sensitive travellers.

You can reach the Island Malta also by ferryboat from Pozzallo in the South of Sicily. Besides there are Fast-ferries serving this route, which are a bit more costly.

The visit of Malta's capital "Valletta" is very recommendable. You can see numerous churches, palaces, fortresses and museums. Furthermore, there are ancient sites like the stone age temples of Hagar Quin, Mnajdra and Melliena, a little settlement with the best beaches on Malta. You should not miss to steer your boat to the Golden Bay, which is a remarkable place for throwing your anchor. A marine highlight is the Blue Grotto at the southeast coast of Malta, not far from the fishermens village Wied iż-Żurrieq. Worth is also an excursion with the boat to the neighbour island Gozo, which has some breathtaking bays with crystal clear water.

Avant & Apres Sail
As you can expect, the Maltese cooking has some things in common with the Italian. The local specialities are cocked rabbit (Fenek) and Pastizzi - a kind of pastry. These are dishes for special days of the year. Generally, the Maltese kitchen offers a lot of different dishes with vegetables and fish. The restaurant menus are full of combinations of these two basic ingredients. This Mediterranean diet is not only delicious but also very healthy.

After your boat rental trip, you can have some fun in Paceville, north of St. Julian. All bars, pubs and clubs are free for entrance. In addition, youngsters from Malta gather there for the weekend. The local beer speciality is called "Cisk". However, wine-lovers will also enjoy the delicious local wines.

Events & Actions
During the whole year there are happening events on Malta with cultural and entertaining background. In August, there is a music festival. In September, you can visit a wine tasting festival, a boat show and the international flight show. Historical re-enactments are scheduled the whole year over and even a pastry festival will provide you with new receipts that you can try at home when returning from your boat charter holiday.

If you prefer an active vacation, you will not be disappointed when chosing Malta as your sailing destination. In the ports and marinas there is a wide choice of operators for scuba diving, jet ski, water ski, windsurf and of course sailing and powerboating.

Good to know that there are also various sailing regattas on Malta, which are hold between April and November. The best known are the "Comino-Regatta" in June and the "Malta-Syrakus" keelboat race in July.

On the island Malta there are further landbased activities: Malta is famous for its golf and tennis courts. In addition, horse riding is a well-known activity on Malta. If this sounds like too much stress after spending a day sailing, just book a relaxed evening in one of the wellness centres that are provided by hotels.

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