Sailing holidays on Island Malta

Boat rental in the Malta Archipelago with vast history


Due to its amazing history and stunning landscape, Malta is the perfect starting point for a yacht charter holiday. In the port of Valetta there are various boat charter companies that offer sailing yachts and powerboats for rental.

General Info

For thousands of years the Maltese archipelago has been an important stopping port on any trip crossing the Mediterranean basin which is why history left its mark on this group of islands that are located off the southern coast of Italy. Its geographic position in the Mediterranean helped it develop its economy so that today it is a thriving tourist destination that attracts impressive numbers of visitors on a yacht charter year after year.

So many different cultures have populated Malta that the country has been called the world’s largest outdoor museum. From Neolithic temples to the templar monasteries Malta has it all. It is a fascinating history lesson for any tourist coming here on a sailing holiday.

Sailors who come to Malta usually hang out on Golden Bay known for its beautiful beaches or at the Blue Grotto famous for its natural rock formations and deep waters. Others that prefer a more secluded location can head out to St. Thomas Bay where you’ll also find some very spectacular white cliffs.

The Island Malta is suited perfectly for a sailing trip to one of the stunning bays that allow pleasant swimming and snorcheling. You can also charter a sailboat or motoryacht with or without skipper (if you have the permission) for some days or a whole week to explore the coast around the island on your own keel.

Law & Order

Like many other countries in the region, Malta has a warm climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. So the sailing season lasts longer than in other destinations, i.e. from April until October. The local charter industry is very well developed and you shouldn’t have trouble finding a sailing or motor yacht for you and your group.

Permits are needed to operate a boat but the Maltese take kindly to papers emitted in foreign countries. If you want to charter a boat you should have a valid skipper license or a sailing certificate compatible with the type of yacht you will hire. This also applies for motorboats.

As always, when you want to enter a foreign country, you should have a valid passport and a travel visa, enough money for the trip and proof of the return ticket. American citizens are exempt from travel visas and citizens of EU countries don’t need to provide proof of return ticket. The period you can stay in Malta is 3 months, after that the visa has to be prolonged.

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