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Enjoy Your Boat Rental in the Archipelago in the Lesser Antilles

Formed actually by a number of islands, the Commonwealth of Grenada is the southernmost of the Windward Islands. The name Spice Island comes from the numerous spices which are grown here commercially and then exported to many countries around the Globe. Due to its silver beaches, the lush mountains and the sheltered natural harbours Grenada is perfectly suited for yacht charter.

General Info
The archipelago of Grenada consists of the largest islands Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique as well as several smaller islands. The main island Grenada lies just northeast of Trinidad and Tobago and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498 and inhabited at the time by the Carib Indians. Columbus renamed the island Conception, but as soon as it began changing hands from the French to the British, the name Grenada stuck.

The geography of the islands is typical of that of volcanic origin with rich soil. The inside of the island is largely mountainous and covered in lush vergetation which is broken here and there to reveal stunning waterfalls. A simply wonderful landscape to behold on your boat rental.

When you come on a sailing holiday in Grenada, prepare yourself for the tropical climate. It is mostly hot and humid and cools off in the rainy season. The dry season is marked by the arrival of the trade winds. Violent hurricanes sometimes plague the coastline. Though there have been only three large ones that affected Grenada in the last 50 years, they had quite damaging effects.

Most of the population on Grenada is concentrated in the largest towns - Saint George’s, Grenville and Gouyave. On the other islands, the largest settlement is Hillsborough on Carriacou.

Law & Order
Upon arrival in the country you must fly the Q flag and have the proper documentation ready. In order to help tourists with the entry process, Grenada has introduced a combination of Immigration/Customs/Port Authority Form which can be downloaded from the internet.

Citizens of the USA, Canada, the UK, British Commonwealth and Caribbean countries (except Cuba), most European countries, South Korea and Japan do not require a visa when traveling to Grenada. However, everyone requires a valid passport with at least 3 months of validity left on it. The skipper requires a cruising permit which is valid for up to a year and is obtained upon arrival.

One of the local restrictions is that yachts are forbidden to anchor in front of the hotels at the south end of Grand Anse Beach. And lobster and spear fishing is only permitted if you have a license.

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