Salamina (Athens)


Bavaria 40
€ 1170
Bavaria 40 Salty Baby - New Sails 2023

Salamina (Athens)

3Cabins 8 + 2Berths 2Toilets 12.48 mLength
Lagoon 380 S2
€ 2251
Lagoon 380 S2 Beluga

Salamina (Athens)

4Cabins 10Berths 2Toilets 11.55 mLength
Sun Odyssey 469
€ 1870
Sun Odyssey 469 Showtime

Salamina (Athens)

4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 4Toilets 14.05 mLength
Sun Odyssey 439
€ 1911
Sun Odyssey 439

Salamina (Athens)

4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 13.34 mLength
Bavaria Cruiser 51
€ 3260
Bavaria Cruiser 51

Salamina (Athens)

5Cabins 10Berths 3Toilets 15.57 mLength
Lagoon 400-S2
€ 2490
Lagoon 400-S2 Cata Loca

Salamina (Athens)

4Cabins 10 + 2Berths 4Toilets 11.97 mLength
Lagoon 40
€ 3036
Lagoon 40 Destiny

Salamina (Athens)

4Cabins 10Berths 4Toilets 11.74 mLength
Oceanis 41
€ 1755
Oceanis 41 Fata Morgana

Salamina (Athens)

3Cabins 6 + 2Berths 2Toilets 12.38 mLength
Bavaria Cruiser 51
€ 2600
Bavaria Cruiser 51 Guarda che Luna

Salamina (Athens)

5Cabins 10 + 2Berths 3Toilets 15.57 mLength
Lagoon 380 S2
€ 2251
Lagoon 380 S2 Nefertiti

Salamina (Athens)

4Cabins 10Berths 2Toilets 11.55 mLength
Oceanis 40.1
€ 2060
Oceanis 40.1 Ocean Pearl

Salamina (Athens)

4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 12.87 mLength
Astrea 42
€ 3450
Astrea 42 Shangri-La

Salamina (Athens)

6Cabins 10 + 2Berths 4Toilets 12.58 mLength

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What makes Salamina a unique sailing destination?

Salamina is a charming island in the Saronic Gulf, known for its deep historical roots dating back to ancient Greece. Its proximity to Athens and the mainland makes it a fantastic start or end point for a sailing trip exploring the Saronic islands and the Peloponnese coastline.

What are the marina facilities available in Salamina?

While Salamina itself does not have a dedicated marina for yachts, there are several nearby on the mainland like Zea Marina and Alimos Marina. They offer comprehensive facilities including fuel, electricity, fresh water, repair services, and Wi-Fi. Salamina has several harbors where yachts can moor and find basic amenities.

What are some notable anchor bays around Salamina?

Salamina offers a plethora of small bays and coves perfect for anchoring, swimming, and enjoying the tranquil scenery. The Bay of Selinia is a popular spot, offering calm waters and beautiful views.

What are some recommended tourist sites?

One must-visit is the site of the famous Battle of Salamis, one of the most significant naval battles in history. The Monastery of Faneromeni is a beautiful place of worship and a site of local pilgrimage. The Cave of Euripides, where the famous playwright supposedly wrote his tragedies, is also worth a visit.

What water activities are popular?

With its clear, calm waters, Salamina is an ideal place for water-based activities. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are all popular pastimes. The waters around the island are rich with marine life, making them perfect for fishing.

What gastronomic experiences does the island offer?

The cuisine on Salamina is traditional Greek with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You should definitely try the fresh fish and seafood, as well as local cheeses and olives. Traditional Greek dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, and tzatziki are also readily available.

Are there any cultural events in the summer half-year?

The Festival of the Naval Battle of Salamina, held annually in September, is a reenactment of the historic naval battle that took place in the waters around the island. This event, featuring traditional boats and costumes, draws locals and tourists alike.

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