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Corfu / Benitses Marina


Lagoon 46
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Lagoon 46 Latria

Corfu / Benitses Marina

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What are the top sailing destinations around Benitses Marina?

Benitses Marina is located on Corfu Island, a prime location in the Ionian Sea. Nearby islands of Paxos and Antipaxos are famous for their turquoise waters and tranquil landscapes. The charming coastal villages of Paleokastritsa, Kassiopi, and Agni Bay are also worth visiting.

What are some must-visit anchor bays nearby?

Bays like Agni Bay, Kalami Bay, and Paleokastritsa offer safe and sheltered anchorages. The Emerald Bay on Antipaxos Island is a perfect spot to drop anchor, swim, and relax.

Can you recommend any marinas which are close to?

Gouvia Marina, located just north of Corfu town, is the most significant and well-equipped marina in the area. The Lefkada Marina on Lefkas Island is also a popular spot for sailors, with excellent facilities.

What can I explore in and around Benitses while on a sailing vacation?

The location is a vibrant fishing village offering a delightful mix of old and new, with traditional tavernas alongside modern cafes and bars. Explore the Corfu Shell Museum and the Roman Baths in the village. Don't miss the UNESCO World Heritage site of Corfu Old Town, just a short trip away.

What water activities can I engage in while sailing around Benitses Marina?

The Ionian Sea is ideal for sailing, diving, snorkelling, and fishing. The clear waters of Corfu offer excellent visibility for scuba divers, with a rich underwater ecosystem and several intriguing underwater caves and wrecks.

What are some of the gastronomic specialties of Corfu?

Corfu's culinary scene is influenced by Italian and Greek cuisine. In Benitses, enjoy fresh seafood, local cheeses, olive oil, and wine. Try "Pastitsada," a traditional Corfiot dish with slow-cooked beef in tomato sauce, served with pasta. Also, don't miss the local Kumquat liqueur, unique to Corfu.

Are there any local events or festivals on Corfu?

During summer, Benitses hosts various local feasts known as "Panigiria," with traditional music, dancing, and food. In Corfu town, the "Varkarola" festival takes place in August, featuring music and theatrical performances, ending with a spectacular fireworks display.

What local traditions can I meet on Corfu?

The people of Corfu are known for their warm hospitality. Respect local traditions and customs, especially during religious celebrations. When visiting monasteries or churches, modest dress is required. Greek people appreciate if you greet them in their language - a simple 'Yasas' (Hello) can bring a smile to their face.

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