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Conveniently Located Marina on Beautiful Island

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A small though well developed reosrt for yachties, Burgtiefe is secluded enough to offer privacy but also close enough to the island's capital to offer shopping, eating out and nightlife options to those tourists that come here. Germans and Scandinavians make a point out of coming here in the summer every year.

General Info
One of the resorts on the famous Fehmarn island in the German Baltic Sea, Burgtiefe is nothing more than an extended marina which provides a series of services and shelter to the yachting community. It lies in the Burger Lake, in the south of the island, just 4km from the capital city.

The shape of the lake is favorable for yacht mooring since there are two narrow promontories reaching out to sea on either side of the lake, thus enclosing a small entry point which prevents dangerous currents from entering the lake. Also, Burgtiefe’s position means that it’s close to other attractions such as the southern part of the Danish Sea, Rostok or Rugen.

Travel & Arrival
The island of Fehmarn is connected to the German mainland via the Fehmarn Sound Bridge completed in 1963 and which is almost one kilometer long, having both roads and train lines running across it. Thus, this is the main point of entry for most of the crowds coming to Burgtiefe.

However, there are several large cities with airports where you can arrive and then continue by car or train. Among the nearest are Hamburg, Kiel and Lubeck, all flying in all directions in Europe. It depends on how long you want your transfer time to be.

By water, there are many ferries coming from the northern Lolland Island in Denmark which is 18km away. The trip takes 45 minutes and it’s quite popular among the Danish tourists who come to Fehmarn for the beaches and the lovely sunny weather.

Avant & Apres Sail
There is not much to see in the small Burgtiefe, however, the short distance to the island’s capital Burg auf Fehmarn, ensures that no visitors grows bored. But many of the people who arrive here, do it for the beach, a large, generous beach that extends along the other shore of the island and is also wide enough to house a great number of people. Couple that with the over 2200 hours of sunshine per year and you realize why Burgtiefe is so popular among Germans and Scandinavians.

Another attraction for this part of the island is the multitude of nature reserves, which most of the time, stretch up to the beaches or go far inland on rocky hills that are perfect for hiking and climbing. Inhabited by a multitude of bird species, the reserves are a haven for visitors who enjoy birdwatching.

Though there are some shops and supermarkets mainly for provisioning yachts, the bulk of the shopping can be done in Burg auf Fehmarn, in the old city center. This also goes for restaurants and nighttime entertainment. Think of Burgtiefe as a base from where you’ll take daily trips along the island.

Events & Actions
Sailing is a top activity in Burgtiefe with the marina taking up most of the coast in the inner lake portion of the coast. The second favorite has to be sunbathing, since the outer coast is made up of endless beaches bordering the bright blue waters of the Baltic Sea. So make sure you and your crew have plenty of sunscreen and lots of time to explore the coast.

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