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Sailing Destination Sukosan

Popular Tourist Resort on the Dalmation Coast

Dufour 350 Grand Large
€ 860
860 EUR true
Dufour 350 Grand Large Pape
3Cabins 6 + 2Berths 1Toilets 10.28 mLength
1thumb_up4.65 / 5
Bavaria 36
€ 780
780 EUR true
Bavaria 36 Meg
3Cabins 6Berths 1Toilets 11.4 mLength
Dufour 375 Grand Large
€ 1092
1092 EUR true
Dufour 375 Grand Large One&Only
3Cabins 6 + 2Berths 1Toilets 11.19 mLength
Bavaria 39 Cruiser
€ 1020
1020 EUR true
Bavaria 39 Cruiser Demi
3Cabins 6Berths 2Toilets 12.14 mLength
Lagoon 420
€ 1930
1930 EUR true
Lagoon 420 Igris
4Cabins 8 + 3Berths 4Toilets 12.61 mLength
Dufour 360 Grand Large
€ 1260
1260 EUR true
Dufour 360 Grand Large No Name N1
3Cabins 6 + 2Berths 1Toilets 10.73 mLength
Sun Odyssey 33i
€ 760
760 EUR true
Sun Odyssey 33i Chiquita
2Cabins 4 + 2Berths 1Toilets 9.96 mLength
Dufour 455
€ 1520
1520 EUR true
Dufour 455 Vilma
4Cabins 8Berths 2Toilets 13.76 mLength
1thumb_up4.62 / 5
Bayliner 3587 Fly
€ 2570
2570 EUR true
Bayliner 3587 Fly Anson III
3Cabins 6 + 3Berths 2Toilets 11.99 mLength
2thumb_up4.74 / 5
Sun Odyssey 44i
€ 1360
1360 EUR true
Sun Odyssey 44i Aria
4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 2Toilets 13.41 mLength
Elan 333
€ 760
760 EUR true
Elan 333 Passat
2Cabins 4Berths 1Toilets 10.45 mLength
1thumb_up4.44 / 5
Oceanis 43
€ 1352
1352 EUR true
Oceanis 43 Playmaker
4Cabins 8 + 2Berths 2Toilets 13.1 mLength

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44.40 / 5

4 Reviews for Sukosan
latest by "gerd" on 02 Sep 2017
  • : - 4.62
    "Schnelle anbindung an Autobahn und Flughafen "
  • : - 4.74
    "Marina Simuni ist sehr Empfehlenswert."
  • : - 4.69
  • : - 4.49
    "Die Kroatische Inselwelt ist seit über 20 Jahren immer wieder eines meiner liebsten Segelreviere - v..."
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  • : - 3.90
    "Wat een geweldig gebied"
  • : - 3.37
    "ein Traumrevier"
  • : - 3.80
    "Meist entgegenkommendes Verhalten der Hafenmannschaften."
  • : - 4.31
    "Die Seekarten und Plotter, zumindest auf unserer Route, waren sehr genau. Das Segelrevier in den Kor..."
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Top Rated Yachts
Dellapasqua Dc 13s
€ 3520
Dellapasqua Dc 13s Petti Fly
6thumb_up4.45 / 5
3Cabins 6 + 2Berths 2Toilets 13.5 mLength

Although it has a long and violent history, there’s one thing that links Sukosan to its earliest days – tourism. Even during the Middle Ages local monarchs built here summer residences to enjoy the countryside and healthy climate. Why shouldn’t you?

General Info
This popular destination sits in between Zadar and Biograd na Moru on what is Croatia’s touristic road along the Adriatic Coast. While not as big as other settlements, the small village of Sukosan boasts a long coastline with inviting pebble beaches, numerous intimate coves and of course, that Adriatic blue water that is so appealing to enthusiasts everywhere.

Travel & Arrival
Another bonus point for Sukosan is the fact that it’s relatively close to the city of Zadar, thus making it easy for any incoming organized groups to travel here. Zadar International Airport is just 9 km away, a mere 10 minute trip with a local bus or a taxi.

And as any self-respecting tourist destination, Sukosan isn’t far away from a major highway, in this case, the ubiquitous A1-E65, providing fast access to all the resorts on the Adriatic shore for European tourists. In order to reach Sukosan, you’ll have to get off at the exit to Zadar and then follow road 8 for 10 more km.

There’s also the option of arriving here by boat. Zadar port is linked by regular runs to Rijeka and Ancona in Italy. The trip back to Sukosan is made by local buses.

Avant & Apres Sail
Though small, the town has a long history and it can still be seen today in a number of old buildings. Like the former summer palace built in the 15th century. Sadly, today years of wars and constant earthquakes have reduced it to rubble, just 3 walls standing. Other locations interesting to tourists are the old church of St. Kasijan and the ruins of an old fortress on Cape Bribircina.

Though medieval in appearance, the town does cater to modern clients needs, especially when it comes to eating out. Most of the visitors swear the local seafood recipes are the best in the world, like the grilled squid.

Of course, there are also establishments that specialize in Italian cuisine, in case anyone in your crew craves pizza. And after all that eating, you’re bound to get thirsty. In that case, order a bottle of the local wines that are famous throughout Croatia.

The main square is the most animated place, be it day or night. Here most of the visiting sailors hang out at the restaurant or go shopping or simply stroll around town. On summer evenings folklore music festivals liven up the atmosphere.

Events & Actions
Sukosan is famous for its strong link to the past, for its strong roots in tradition. If you’re crew happens to be here in the middle of August you’re going to witness the feast of St. Kasijan, the town’s patron saint.

Another interesting time to visit is during the carnival, when the famous masques of Sukosan come out. These are particular to the region, meaning you won’t see them anywhere else in Croatia.

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