Solta / Rogac (Split)

Charter from Solta / Rogac (Split)

Idyllic Island with Good Connection Close to Split

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Rogač is a great place for a daytrip from Split, and in fact many people living there head to the island for a quiet time and sunbathing

General Info
This small village is the main port on the Croatian island of Šolta which lies in the central Adriatic, to the west of larger islands such as Hvar and Brac, and in front of the city of Split on the mainland.

Travel & Arrival
Because it is the largest port on the island and also a region of great touristic importance,  Rogač has a direct ferry line to Split which sees several boats a day, as well as some catamaran lines.

The rest of the island is connected by taxi or bus, which is really useful for getting groups around the island to the numerous secluded spots which are home to some of the best beaches in this part of the country. The island 19km long and 5km wide so getting around is fairly straightforward which is why many sailors choose to make daytrips here.

For those driving in, you’ll need to follow the D112 state road which will take you to the ferry crossing, currently operating in the region.  There is a taxi station in the ferry port which will take you directly to your destination.

Avant & Apres Sail
Historically, the village which is more like a hamlet really, is the oldest settlement on the island. There is evidence that this place was inhabited since Roman times and it is considered that people were drawn here by the agricultural possibilities present in the center of the island.

Even if there were always people living in Rogač, there were never too many, because of the fear of pirate raids and because of the relative distance from the arable region from the center of the island.

Because this s mostly a rural region, there aren’t many landmarks to see here, other than the villages themselves and the natural potential of the island of course. For sailors there are some nice coves such as Stomorska, Rogač and Necujam on the northeastern coast but these are a bit windier. Also, there are some very pleasant beaches such as Necujam which despite being a gravel beach, is well-maintained and has some nice facilities.

The change between day and nighttime in Rogač  is incredible. If during the day the island is alive with all the groups of tourists arriving by ferry, at night it all goes quiet as locals and tourists alike head to other places in search of fun , such as Necujam or Stomorska. However, in town you'll’ find a restaurant, a bar, a pizzeria and 2 cafes.

Events & Actions
Other than sunbathing, sailing and activities are especially popular on Rogač. Here, you’ll find a yacht charter base called Base Rogač which is the perfect starting place for your flotillas. The personnel here is nice and experienced in sailing in these waters and might even offer you some suggestions when it comes to itineraries.

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