Sailing Destination Skradin

Historic Town at the River and Entry to the Stunning Krka National Park

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An out-of-the-way place that is located inland on the estuary of the Krka river, Skradin holds a lot of history and a fine gastronomical heritage, which should be enough to entice you for a visit.

General Info
The location of the town of yacht charter Skradin is very fortunate for those with a passion for sailing since it sits on the water, right where the Krka river enters the waters of the Adriatic. It’s also the place that marks the entry point to the famed Krka National Park.

Its precise location is 17km from Sibenik, another importants yacht charter resort on the Adriatic shore and 100km from Split, one of the biggest tourist hubs in the country. The amazing fact is that the town is not on the seashore per se, being located further inland but connected to the Adriatic through the river of Krka.

Travel & Arrival
The entry point on the A1 road, one of the largest roads crossing the country, is just 5.3km to the north, giving any tourist travelling by car easy access. It’s also easy to get here from neighboring resorts such as Vodice or Sibenik which are minutes away by car.

The closest international airport is the one in Split which is 65km to the southeast, right on the coast and which has flights from all major European airlines, including some low cost ones, mostly coming from western Europe but also connecting with Eastern and Northern Europe also.

Avant & Apres Sail
The town of Skradin lays in the Sibenik-Knin County and boast a 6000 year-long history, which is significantly longer than many important metropolises from around the world. As you might expect, there is a lot of history in the region, many sites that constitute attractions, such as Bribirska Glavica, otherwise known as the Croatian City of Troy.

In ancient times this was known as the Roman municipium Varvaria, where the city of Bribir thrived. Nowadays, you can see the ancient Liburnian settlement, where you can find sarcophagi, reservoirs as well as “ceramic coolers”, remnants of the city walls from ancient times, as well as some artifacts from the feudal regions.

Those who travel further, can enjoy the panoramic view of the Dinaric Alps from a neighboring plateaus, as well as some of the Adriatic islands. Then there is the beautiful Krka river which offers some additional sights with its magnificent waterfalls which it carved for centuries in the limestone cliffs. The figures speak for themselves today: 8 waterfalls, 10 lakes, 850 plant species, 18 fish species with an additional 10 endemic species. In fact, this part of the river basin has been turned into a 111 sq km national park.

Wine and olives have been on the local menu since Roman times as archaeological excavations have shown. A large part of that long heritage can be seen today as the hillsides are still covered by vineyards and olive groves.To wine connoisseur, we’re just going to mention that Skradin is the home of the famous Bedrica family of winemakers which was named in 1932 among the 6 best wine makers in the world.

Events & Actions
The host of activities you can enjoy while here is tightly related to the outdoors. There is sailing, rowing (many professional rowers come here to practice), diving and other water related activites in the Krka river estuary and the Prukljansko Lake which both offer large surfaces of calm water, balanced currents, not to mention magnificent sceneries, clean air and a wholesome diet. On land, cycling and horseback riding are very popular and very effective ways to explore the backcountry.

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