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Beautiful Castles and Plenty of Moorings

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If you are not only interested in water sports, but also in history and ancient castles, then Kastela is the right place for you! There are plenty of dreamlike castles in and around Kastela.

General Info
Actually made up of 7 distinct locations along the central Dalmatian coast, just northwest of Split, Kastela is home to some of the best shores of the Adriatic and hence it’s considered the best starting place to begin the exploration of the Croatian sea coast.

Founded as a Greek port and later home of the first Roman floating docks, today the region was added with two new settlements where marinas and other tourist facilities are provided.

Travel & Arrival
The area benefits from the proximity of the Split airport located just to the west along the coast. This has flights from all major cities in Europe, and there are even low-cost airlines available for booking for those holidaymakers on a tighter budget.

The whole region of the coast is crossed by a single road which hugs the shore and provides bus and car access from the mainland. The number 8 road also connects with the airport in Split so pretty easy to navigate the region without fear of getting lost or missing some highway exit.

The local harbor gets visited by private boats but the one in Split does have regular ferry and hydrofoil boats arriving on a daily basis from as far as Ancona in Italy or from Rijeka. Also, it’s a good place to start your expeditions of the neighboring Korni archipelago.

Avant & Apres Sail
The castles of the region are renowned for their beauty and their history, so any trip should begin with a visit to these castles (Stafilic, Novi, Stari, Luksic, Kambelovac to name but a few). Then you could head out to the back country which is also very picturesque and very Mediterranean in appearance with lots of vineyards, orchards and olive groves. Among the natural regions worth visiting there are the Vitturi Park, the Botanical Garden of the Ostrog Primary School and the biblical Garden Stomorija-Gospa.

There are lots of restaurants in the region, but for a true Dalmatian experience, we recommend the ones by the shore, which provide a beautiful view of the Kastela Bay. You’ll get the best fish dishes with that Italian twist that includes olive oil (the region is famous for its olives) and wine also made by the locals.

Nightlife isn’t that popular around here, but for those sailors keen on spending a good night out, Split is just minutes away by car and there are plenty of clubs and bars there to last you for a whole week, let alone a single evening.

Events & Actions
Beaches are the main recreational activity around here and the Croatian seashore provides plenty of that. Other than that you can spend time with your group engaging in numerous sports activities, both indoor and outdoor, ranging from tennis to soccer and basketball. 

What are the top sailing destinations around Marina Kaštela?

Marina Kaštela is ideally located for sailing to some of Croatia's most sought-after destinations. Sail south to the UNESCO-listed city of Trogir, or continue to the beautiful islands of Šolta, Hvar, and Vis. For those who wish to head north, the historic city of Split and the pristine beaches of Brač Island are excellent choices. The picturesque Blue Lagoon near Drvenik Island and the Blue Cave on Biševo Island are also worth a visit.

What are some must-visit anchor bays?

There are numerous bays around Marina Kaštela that offer safe anchorage and beautiful scenery. The Bobovišće bay on the island of Brač and Stari Grad Bay on Hvar offer shelter and mooring facilities. The Palmižana Bay on the Pakleni Islands provides a well-protected anchorage with clear waters and sandy seabeds. On the island of Šolta, the bays of Šešula and Maslinica are great spots to anchor, swim and relax.

Can you recommend any other marinas near Marina Kaštela?

Certainly. Close to Marina Kaštela, you can find the ACI Marina Split, ACI Marina Trogir, and the D-Marin Mandalina in Šibenik, all of which provide a full range of facilities for yachts. On the islands, there are also marinas like ACI Marina Palmižana on Hvar and Marina Agana on Drvenik.

What can I explore in and around Kaštela while on a sailing vacation?

Kaštela is a series of seven small towns, each with its own historic castle. These towns, which include Kaštel Gomilica, where scenes from "Game of Thrones" were filmed, are worth exploring. Nearby Split is home to the UNESCO-listed Diocletian's Palace and Marjan Park. The town of Trogir is another UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its well-preserved Romanesque and Renaissance architecture.

What water activities can I engage in while sailing from Split region?

The Adriatic Sea surrounding Marina Kaštela is perfect for a wide range of water activities. You can enjoy snorkelling, swimming, and paddleboarding in the clear waters. The area is also renowned for its diving spots, especially the Blue Cave on Biševo Island. Windsurfing and kiteboarding are popular in the nearby Brač Channel.

What are some of the gastronomic specialties that I can try during my sailing vacation?

Kaštela and the surrounding Dalmatian region are renowned for their fresh seafood, including dishes like crni rižot (black risotto) and brodet (fish stew). Also try peka, a slow-cooked meat or seafood dish prepared under a bell-shaped lid. The region is famous for its wines, so don't miss the chance to sample the indigenous red Plavac Mali and white Pošip.

Are there any local events or festivals in the Split region that coincide with the sailing season?

Yes, the summer season is marked by various cultural and gastronomic events. The Kaštela Summer Festival is filled with concerts, exhibitions, and theatre performances. The Day of Saint Peter, Kaštela's patron saint, is celebrated with processions and festivities in late June. Also, the KUD Jedinstvo folklore ensemble organizes traditional Dalmatian folk music concerts throughout the summer.

What local customs should I be aware of when visiting Kaštela and its surrounding islands?

The locals in Kaštela and the surrounding islands are welcoming and hospitable. Greet locals with 'Dobar dan' (Good day). Be mindful to respect the environment, particularly when anchoring in the bays. Modest attire is expected when visiting churches and other religious sites. During meals, it's customary to toast with a glass of rakija, a traditional fruit brandy.

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