Sailing Destination Krvavica

Beautiful Fishing Town surrounded by Dramatic Steep Mountains

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Though nothing more than a small village in the Baska Voda region, yacht charter Krvavica manages to achieve that perfect bend of forest covered mountains, crystal blue waters and white pebble beaches.

General Info
This part of the Croatian coast is known to sailors as the Makarska Riviera and it’s among the most unspoiled parts of the Adriatic shores and also the most unexplored by mass tourism.

The small village has gained some notoriety when they managed to attract investors into building a 250 berth marina which has since become the focus point for many tourist groups who come here to visit.

Travel & Arrival
Given the proximity to Split (less than 60km by car), the most preferred way of arriving to Krvavica is a combination of airplane which lands at the Split International Airport and car to make the 1 hour transfer to the village.

Of course, there is always the option of driving the whole way, since Croatia was just voted as one of the best driving countries in Europe. The main road running in this part of the country is the E65 which has the added bonus of running for large portions alongside the coast, offering great views to sailors. There are also bus lines which connect the 2 major cities to the north and to the south – Dubrovnik and Split, although a direct link for a major bus line does not exist.

By water, there are some ferry lines which link neighboring Baska Voda to the nearby island of Brac, but other than that, most arrivals by water come here in chartered or personal yachts.

Avant & Apres Sail
According to the 2002 census, the village has 862 people, a number which significantly increases steadily beginning with April of every year. The main sights are pretty much non-existent, since this is a regular village like so many across Europe, which lacks any architectural masterpiece since its main purpose is agricultural. Other than some medieval tombstones which are said to possess mystical powers, there is little else to see.

However, the natural surroundings offer some interesting attractions such as the Babin zub, a cliff whose odd shape reminds people of an old witch’s tooth. Also, the local beach, stretching towards Baska Voda is very appreciated by those who comes here to lie on the warm pebbles in the Adriatic sun.

The closest town is Makarska, 10 minutes by car, where a group can find suitable accommodation in a hotel or just shop around. In Krvavika you’ll only find a grocery store, a tourist information point, 3 restaurants, 2 cafes, a bowling ground, a diving club, and, the most popular place in the village – the promenade.

Events & Actions
There is no doubt that most of the people who come here do so for the scenery, the solitude and the silence. This is the perfect place if you want go on a relaxing journey to unwind. The only things disturbing the peace here are the crashing waves, the cries of the noisy seagulls and the chirping of the crickets once the sun fall from the sky.

You can enjoy sunbathing, sailing, Nordic walking, mountaineering on the neighboring Biokovo Mountain, playing sports such as football, tennis or bowling, horseback riding and cycling.

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