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Tortola / Road Town Yachting

The Centre of Bareboat Charter in the Caribbean

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Tortola is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean when it comes to bareboat yacht charter. This is mainly due to the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the protected local harbour.

General Info

Road Town is not only the captial city of . The large safe harbour is situated on the island’s south coast. Its name derives from the nautical term „the roads” which is generally considered to be a place less sheltered than a harbour yet easily accessible by boat.

Travel & Arrival

Road Town is the capital city of the British Virgin Islands and serviced by its own airport, Beef Island airport located off the East End, a short drive from the city. Another one is Road Town Airport, a smaller airport that connects Tortola with neighbouring destinations for boat rental such as Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Saint Thomas and Saint Croix.

The other way of getting to the island is off course by boat. The locals have set up a ferry route from Saint Thomas and there are numerous cruise ships from all over the world mooring here.

Avant & Apres Sail

The overall shape of the Road Harbour is that of a horseshoe and most of the yacht charter providers on the island are based there.

Recently, a 28-hectare development called Wickham’s Cay has been created by reclaiming land from the sea and building a marina on those grounds, making Road Town an important destination for sailing holidays in the region.

For sightseeing, head to the oldest building around, the HM Prison on Main Street which dates back to the 1840s, the Folk History Museum also on Main Street and the Botanic Gardens. The local architecture is kept in colonial style and features brightly coloured streets and shops.

While you stroll along the shops, you might be tempted to pick up some souvenirs like handmade pottery, unique BVI stamps and off course rum and cigars. Note however that most of the merchandise on the island is imported from Miami, St. Martin and Panama so always ask if the goods are locally-made.

One of the delicacies in Tortola is „roti” a type of Indian flatbread wrapped around vegetables and goat meat. There are also plenty of restaurants around town that serve international food such as Italian and Mexican for example or vegan cuisine.

For some après-sailing, head to one of the bars in Road Town like the Royal BVI Yacht Club just west of town where the music is good and the food is even better.

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