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The port city of Angra dos Reis together with Paraty is the most important charter base for sailing trips in Brazil. Renting a sailboat or motor yacht from the Marina Verolme, located a little north of the city, you can reach the most beautiful beaches and anchorages of Ilha Grande or Ilha da Gipóia in a few miles. Famous sand beaches like Lopez Mendes or Praia da Dentista are amazing day-stops for your next sailing itinerary at the Costa Verde.

Angra dos Reis, often simply referred to as "Angra," is a stunning Brazilian port city that serves as a gateway to over 300 islands. It's located on the Costa Verde, a lush, green coastal region that stretches along the southeastern part of the country. Angra dos Reis is a paradise for sailing enthusiasts, offering a myriad of beautiful beaches, anchorages, and islands to explore.

The city itself, while not as charming as some of its coastal counterparts, is a bustling hub of activity with around 130,000 inhabitants. It's the most important port city on the Costa Verde and serves as a launching point for numerous boat trips to the surrounding islands. From Angra, you can easily reach the most beautiful beaches of the offshore islands Ilha Grande or Ilha da Gipóia in just a few nautical miles.

Angra dos Reis is easily accessible from Rio de Janeiro, with shuttle buses making the 150 km journey several times a day. The trip takes between 2-3 hours, making it a convenient option for international charter crews. The city is also home to the Marina Verolme, one of the most beautiful and modern nautical installations in South America. Here, you can rent everything from 3-cabin sailing yachts to 60-foot luxury catamarans with crew.

Why should you start your charter trip in Angra dos Reis?

Angra dos Reis, in Brazil also simply "Angra" called, is the tourist hub for many boat trips in the surrounding Paradise with over 300 islands. The cityscape itself offers rather less charms, however, it is with 130,000 inhabitants the most important port city on the Costa Verde. Standing at the harbour pier in Angra watching the boat crews checking in and out, you can't wait to cast off on a yacht. Just explore this dreamlike archipelago yourself with a rented sailboat. From the city you can reach the most beautiful beaches of the offshore islands Ilha Grande or Ilha da Gipóia in just a few nautical miles. In the port of Angra there are numerous local travel agencies that sell tickets for excursion boats. The port town of Paraty, with its old town declared a World Heritage Site, is located about 20 miles south of the port town Angra dos Reis and can be reached within a day by yacht. The island of Ilhabela is located about 80 nautical miles south of Angra.

How to get from the airport to Angra dos Reis?

Angra dos Reis is served by special shuttle buses several times a day from the airport in Rio de Janeiro. For the 150 km transfer you have to calculate 2 - 3 hours. From the international airport Guarulhos in Sao Paulo the journey is much longer (5 - 6 hours). That is why we recommend international charter crews better to fly to Rio de Janeiro to get to Angra dos Reis.

Where can you rent charter yachts in Angra dos Reis?

A few kilometres north of the city Angra dos Reis lies the Marina Verolme. The marina is considered one of the most beautiful and modern nautical installations in South America. From here you can book modern sailing yachts from our partner Brasil Yacht Charter. The offers range from 3-cabin sailing yachts to 60-foot luxury catamarans with crew. You can find the selected yachts with a quote request at the top of this website. Through our online search engine you will get all prices and costs for desired extraservices.

What are the most rewarding cruising destinations from Angra dos Reis?

The Ilha Grande (Big Island) is located about 8 nautical miles from Angra. The island is a natural paradise with dense rainforest, high mountains and 22 sandy beaches. The main town of Ilha Grande is Abraão, a small village with pretty pousadas, inviting restaurants and numerous bars. There seem to be only three vehicles on Ilha Grande: The ambulance, the fire department and a school bus. There are actually no roads outside the village. Instead, there are dozens of cab boats on the beach in front of Abraão and also larger escunas that take visitors to any beach they wish on the island. Through the island are some hiking trails, called trilhas. On these you can reach distant beaches like Abraãozinho, Praia Brava or the most beautiful beach Lopes Mendes also on foot. However, so a hike through the mountainous jungle in high humidity a certain motivation and athleticism.

If you like to do some sightseeing during your charter vacation, on Ilha Grande you can check out the art gallery at the Vivenda das Bromelias inn, then the aqueduct and of course the Brazilian equivalent of Alcatraz - the Candido Mendez prison, which is nowadays a ruin. Recommended is the hike to the waterfall Cachoeira da Feiticeira, where you can swim in the cool and clear freshwater pools of the jungle.

Nightlife in Ilha Grande is concentrated around the restaurants and bars. The charter guest will be delighted by the local cuisine, which offers excellent meat and fish dishes. Local bars serve local beers, different varieties of caipirinha or non-alcoholic Guarana lemonade or lime drinks. In the bars and on the streets of Abraão, live Brazilian bands perform their full range of skills from Bossa Nova to Samba. Locally produced handcrafted travel souvenirs made of wood or textile can be shopped in the souvenir stores around Rua das Flores.

What activities are there besides sailing?

The Lopes Mendes beach on Ilha Grande was named one of the ten best beaches in the world by Vogue magazine a few years ago because of its breathtaking beauty and crystal clear waters. Just take a taxi boat from Abraão that will bring you there. The last 20 minutes you need to walk. The Lopez mendes beach is also a true delight for surfers. It is open to the ocean, which usually means favorable waves for surfing. The more sheltered shores of Ilha Grande are perfect for kayaking excursions. Rent a paddle boat from numerous providers for a few hours or the whole day. Stand-up paddle boards are also offered, of course. The calm waters in the sheltered Abraão Bay are perfect, even for beginners. Locally, there are diving schools that run scuba diving courses and excursions.

What are the must-visit spots in Angra dos Reis?

Ilha Grande and Ilha da Gipóia are two of the most popular destinations for sailors. These islands offer stunning beaches and clear waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

What are some recommended sailing routes from Angra dos Reis?

Sailing to Ilha Grande or Ilha da Gipóia is a popular choice. These islands are just a few nautical miles from Angra and offer beautiful beaches and anchorages.

What local dishes should I try in Angra dos Reis?

Brazilian cuisine is a delightful blend of flavors. Be sure to try the local seafood, paired with a refreshing caipirinha.

What is the best time to sail in Angra dos Reis?

Angra dos Reis has a tropical climate, making it a suitable destination for sailing at any time. However, the summer months offer the best weather conditions.

What marine life can I expect to see in Angra dos Reis?

The waters around Angra dos Reis are teeming with marine life. You might spot a variety of fish species, as well as sea turtles and dolphins.

Are there any local events or festivals that coincide with the sailing season?

Angra dos Reis hosts several festivals throughout the year. These include the Festival of Kings in January and the Angra dos Reis Carnival in February.

What are the anchoring and mooring facilities like in Angra dos Reis?

Angra dos Reis offers modern anchoring and mooring facilities. The Marina Verolme is well-equipped and provides a safe and secure place to anchor.

Can I hire a local guide for my sailing trip?

Yes, there are several charter companies in Angra dos Reis that offer the services of experienced local skippers. They can guide you through the best sailing routes and share their knowledge of the region.

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