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If you’re searching for some of the wildest and yet most beautiful places to sail your yacht, then you should definitely set sail towards the green and untamed coasts of Brazil. Obviously, this country is much more of a cultural phenomenon with symbols such as Rio de Janeiro, coffee, soccer and samba dancers on white beaches. We’re not sure if you’ll get all of that in one visit, but it’s worth crossing the Atlantic to find out whether or not yacht charter in Brazil is the best in the whole of South America.

General Info

By far the largest country in South America, Brazil is also one the most beautiful to come to. Its natural diversity is one of the reasons tourists come to Brazilian shores year after year. This country is also famous for its almost religious devotion to the game of soccer and off course for the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, a world-famous event.

Though settled by the Portuguese, Brazil is distinctly different from any other country on the Old Continent due to the fact that numerous indigenous populations contributed to its culture and traditions. Mixing untamed rainforests with huge urban metropolises, Brazil has been the most attractive place for yacht charter visitors in South America for a while now.

Sailors come here for the famous Costa Verde region, a sort of a “green belt” that runs along the coast, from Buzios to Paraty, incorporating Rio de Janeiro. To many, it is known as the Brazilian Riviera and the name is pretty self-explanatory: Lots of green, lots of forest and lots of natural parks that are aimed at protecting the subtropical Atlantic rainforest. Two of the most visited places are Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis.

Law & Order

When you take into consideration the 8,000 km of coastline Brazil has to offer, it’s not hard to understand why this is one of the best places for a sailing holiday this side of the Atlantic. And you can add the tropical islands found off the coast and some of the inland sailing on rivers such as Sao Paulo and the great Amazon which is navigable for more than 1,500 km.

If you already have a license for the type of boat you want to sail, then you shouldn’t have any major headaches as the local authorities recognize papers emitted by foreign Maritime Authorities. In case you don’t have a license, one can be issued to you, but there are some papers you’ll need to provide (application form, identity card, individual taxpayer’s number, proof of address, medical certificate) as well as take a written test.

Even yacht charterers under 18 years can apply if they present a written authorization from their parents. They also have to take courses and a test to get their certification.

For those who want to charter a yacht and who are not Brazilian residents the yacht charter provider can issue a temporary sailing license (habilitação provisoria) after testing them in theory and practical abilities. This is needed to operate sailing and motorboats but not for jet-skis. The license is valid for 45 days.

As far as visas go, Brazil will let nationals from the US or Western Europe get into the country without a visitor’s visa. They can stay for up to 90 days but must present a valid passport upon entry. For the other visitors coming on boat rental, a business or tourist visa is required, again, valid for 90 days. The only exception is Venezuela, because people coming from this country get only a 60-day extension on their visa.

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