Croatia – Sailing beautiful Adriatic Waters

Croatia is a country made for boat rental and sailing enthusiasts – the water of the Adriatic is always clean and clear, there are countless miles of beautiful seashore filled with coves and pebble beaches and some of the most renowned archipelagos in the Mediterranean like Kornati or the best bays like Kvaner and the biggest medieval coastal towns like Dubrovnik or Pula.

Croatia – Sailing beautiful Adriatic Waters

General Info

Located at the far western end of the Mediterranean, Croatia covers pretty much all of the western shore of the Adriatic, being mostly a coastal country. For this reason, most of the tourism takes place on the shoreline or in the numerous small islands that populate the Croatian coast.

If you decide on a Croatia yacht charter trip, there are some major harbor towns along the way that will make your trip worthwhile: Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Biograd Sukosan and Trogir are among the most popular and all share a medieval look that is lost to many other places in the Mediterranean.

Local cuisine is also important in Croatia and regions like Dalmatia or Istria where holidaymakers come to visit and enjoy the fresh ingredients such as sea food, olives, wine, goat cheese and meet specialties such as roasted pig on a spit or grilled lamb. Although it might seem a killer diet for those who want to maintain a slim figure, Croatian dishes are unexpectedly light and full of flavor.

Before you go on a sailing holiday in Croatia, you should be aware of some sailing facts about your destination. Sailing and yachting have been increasing steadily in Croatia for the past years, with modern marinas popping up in beautiful regions, blending modernity with the medieval look of the landscape.

Most of the yacht charter providers in the country have modern fleets which are very well maintained, thus keeping them in high standards. Most of the yachts for charter in Croatia are sailing yachts, although you will find motor yachts, catamarans and motorboats in most marinas.

There is even a luxury yacht charter segment in Croatia that caters to more exclusive needs, including businessmen, famous actors or singers and Russian oligarchs who want a change of scenery. Hvar in particular is popular with the international jet set as more and more celebrities come to moor or charter luxury yachts in the region.

Whether you prefer a crewed charter or a bareboat, Croatian providers are able to supply your yachting needs as the local infrastructure is solid enough though a bit overwhelmed in some regions during the summer months.

Law & Order

Yacht legislation in Croatia is pretty straightforward and in many ways similar to those of other European countries. However, there are a few differences such as the vignette that is obligatory for boat owners and that is given for a fee. When you charter a boat, you only have to pay a smal tourist tax on the day of check-in towards the charter company.

When chartering a yacht in Croatia, you must provide proof of your maritime experience and a form of skipper license which has to be compatible with the type of yacht you charter. This you must have on your person at all times, as sailing without a permit is a penal offense and you also lose any insurance on the boat you’ve rented.

The skipper also need to have a VHF license. If you do not have one, there is the possibility to make a crash course before your charter starts - just contact us for further information.

You will be happy to know that most local yacht charter providers take care of the paperwork beforehand upon request in order to make your sailing holiday as trouble-free and pleasurable as possible, so make sure you get rid of all the formalities at the beginning of your trip so that you may make the most of the time you spend on the water.


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Split - Highlights of the City Centre

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