August 04 2015

Top 10: Superyachts of the Rich & Famous

Is there a better status symbol than a super yacht? For ages, the rich & famous around the world have been fighting for building the biggest, the fastest or the most expensive yacht of the world – just to see the record smashed within a short period of time.

Yachts are getting bigger and bigger, as, with the right “toys”, you can be sure to have special treatment by the yellow press. Most of the top 10 luxury yachts have been built by German shipyards. Lürssen, based in the North, is the current leader in the superyacht business. Their secret, besides building excellent luxury toys, is to stay absolutely discrete about their exclusive clientele: It´s almost impossible to find out about the actual prizes of a luxury yacht.


1 „Azzam“

Launched 2013, 180-metre-“Azzam”, built by Lürssen Shipyard, currently is the biggest superyacht. She has 7 decks (one contains an empire styled 30x20 metres living room), 2 engines of 94.000 hp and can go up to 30 knots. It´s said that Prinz Al-Walid ibn Talal Al Saud, a nephiew of the Saudi-Arabian emperor, is the proud owner of Azzam. Estimated prize: Because of her sheer size, Azzam can only dock in some eligible marinas and needs to stay at anchor at hotspots like Monaco, Porto Cervo or St. Tropez.

2 „Eclipse“

Roman Abramowitsch is the owner of 163-metre-“Eclipse”. Abramowitsch is claimed to be one of the richest people in the world, that´s why security has high priority on board. Rumour has it that the superyacht, launched in 2009 by german shipyard Blohm&Voss, is equipped with rocket launchers, armoured bulls-eyes and underwater floodlight. Arriving by helicopter is not a big deal: You can choose between two helipads. Further on, Eclipse contains a Multiplex cinema, a discotheque and a Formula One car driven by Michael Schumacher. A crew of 70 is in charge of the guests. Prize: 340 Million Euros (800 Million with extras).

3 „Dubai“

Mega Yacht Dubai162 metres, 26 knots top speed, 8 decks, 88 crew members for 115 guests – the figures of “Dubai” are imperious. The construction was started as a joint project of the german shipyards Blohm+Voss and Lürssen and finished in the Emirate of Dubai in 2006. Owner is Muhammad bin Raschid Al Maktum, monarch of Dubai. His superyacht, equipped with a helipad and a huge pool area, has an appreciated value of 275 Million Euros.

4 „Al Said“

Qabus ibn Said, Sultan of Oman, owns one of the best equipped yachts in the world. Entertainment and reception rooms are also part of “Al Said” as a concert hall for 50 musicians. The interior is preciously wood-furnished. “Al Said”, built by Lürssen in 2008, is 122 metres long and can go 22 knots. Guests – mainly VIPs of the Gulf area – enjoy amenities like lifts and Sauna area and are pampered by a staff of 150 crew members. Prize: 215 Million Euros.

5 „Topaz“

Luxury Yacht Topaz mooring in the sun setTopaz is the most mysterious of the Top 10 yachts. There are only some approved facts: 147 metres, 8 Decks, Helipad and Pool. Besides, it is known that Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan from Dubai let her build at Lürssen shipyard where she was launched in 2012. Her interior, on the other hand, is a subject of speculation: Created by interior designer Terence Tisdale, it is claimed to be spectacular. There are no photos, and the shipyard, as always, is very discrete. Maybe it´s for this kind of confidentiality that Topaz is highly appreciated by Hollywood stars like Leonardo di Caprio. Prize: 200 Million Euros.

6 „Ocean Victory“

Luxury yacht Ocean Victory berthing in the Caribbean“Ocean Victory”, owned by the Russian steel Tycoon Victor Rashnikow, is the youngest Top 10 yacht: She was launched in 2014. Some figures: 140 metres, 7 decks, 6 pools and a floatable Tender Dock. “Ocean Victory” was built by the Italian shipyard Fincantieri Yachts. The interior was designed by Parisian designer Alberto Pinto who is known for aircraft interior design. Price: 190 Million Euros.

7 „Rising Sun“

Mega Yacht Rising Sun in the MarinaWas she a Christmas present for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison who took her over at Christmas time in 2004? You`ll never know. Most important facts about “Rising Sun”: The mega yacht is 138 metres long, has 4 engines with 36.000 kw and can go up to 28 knots. She has 5 decks and 82 rooms, aside from Sauna-, fitness- and relaxing area. A well-equipped wine cellar and a cinema are also part of the yacht. In 2010, David Geffen, a music and movie producer form the US; bought the yacht. A fun fact about “Rising Sun”: Her helipad also serves as a basketball field. Prize: 185 Million Euros.

8 „Eos“

Mega Sailing Yacht EOSCompared to a motoryacht, “Eos” is rather a bargain. Built at Lürssen shipyard 2006, 93-metre “EOS” is the biggest private sailing yacht in the world. She has three masts and a sail area of 2500 square meters. “Eos” is often spotted in the Med and in the Caribbean. Her owner is Barry Diller, a media tycoon from the US. Prize: 110 Million Euros.

9 „Maltese Falcon“

Super yacht Maltese Falcon leaving the portFor her spectacular design, “Maltese Falcon” is renowned around the world and has won some important design awards. Built at the Italian shipyard Perini Navi in 2006, “Maltese Falcon” has a flexible Dyna Rig and can access up to 20 knots. 20 crew members and up to 12 guests can enjoy the luxurious atmosphere on 88 metres and three decks. Hedgefond Manager Elena Ambrosiadou is the proud owner of “Maltese Falcon”. Price: 100 Millionen Euro.

10 „Athena“

“Athena” is the world´s biggest and most expensive charter sailing yacht. Just pay 450.000 Euros, and she will be yours for a week… “Athena” has recently been refitted and redesigned with mahogany furnishings, art and precious furniture. The interior contains 4 guest cabins, the owner´s suite, two living rooms, a dining room and a library. “Athena´s” owner is James Clark, an IT businessman from the US. Prize: 69 Millionen Euro.
Felix Wolf

Felix Wolf is co-founder and owner of YachtBooker. He is a charter skipper himself and enjoys discovering new sailing areas.

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