December 28 2015

Dubrovnik - Magical gateway to the Croatian island paradise

Dubrovnik or the "Pearl of the Adria", as it is also called, is an incredibly beautiful city in the South of Croatia. We tell you where to moor up with your yacht and what there is to do when you're visiting this amazing town.

Should you be searching for the perfect starting point for your Adriatic charter holiday, look no further than Dubrovnik. This absolute gem of a city will have you mesmerized and loved up in no time.
Blick über die Altstadtmauer auf Dubrovnik
You can easily reach Dubrovnik airport, 15 km from the centre, from mostly all bigger European cities. Or make your way down the Adriatic Highway by car - all the while dreaming of your ideal Dubrovnik charter experience…

Start your Adriatic sailing cruise here and you won’t be disappointed for sure - Dubrovnik is bursting at the seams with beauty, variety and a magnetism that is unique to the city. The spacious Dubrovnik Port or, as the locals call it ´Gruz Harbour´, can host yachts of up to 55 m LOA and has several cruise ship terminals too. Already here you have practically everything you might need in walking distance: Shopping mall, supermarkets to get supplies for your Croatia boat charter, banks, restaurants and bars. If need be, you can pay mostly anywhere at your convenience with Euros or Dollars – the change given back will be Croatian Kuna however. A taxi or shuttle bus will take you the 30 min ride into town. It’s only about 10 € and you will be passing lush greenery and gorgeous villas on the way.

Roaming the town is fairly safe and people are exceptionally nice and friendly. Nonetheless, it is a bigger city, so be streetwise and watch out for pickpockets and gypsy trickery. Before going on a Croatia sailing yacht charter you should really pay the Old Town a visit. A tour on top of the huge, up to 6 m thick ramparts can easily mean walking on the biggest, coolest set of city walls you will ever set foot on.

Off course Dubrovnik has had a fairly tragic historic past as well. After the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991, despite having been demilitarised in the 70s, the city was besieged for 7 months. During that time it took some very heavy shelling and suffered extensive damage, which can still be seen in parts. So while you are meandering peacefully through the amazing old streets admiring the sights, you may very well run into a landlord who is more than happy to show you photos or evidence of the damage that was done to their property.

Setting all sad things apart though, these days ´the pearl of the Adriatic´ is vibrant and alive with street performers, music festivals and concerts. You can shop till you drop, take the cable car far, far up the hill to savour the breathtaking view over some of the most impressive fortifications in Europe, a sea of red roofs and the distant horizon over the sea full of promises for your personal dream Adriatic yacht charter.

Back down with your feet firm on the ground take in some more of the sights of the UNESCO world heritage site – there are hundreds to choose from. Maybe sample some Croatian produce as you go along or buy some funky souvenirs and have a chat with one of the local vendors.

When it’s time for sundowners you can make your way up to one of the numerous charming little chill out bars that are perched on the rocks above the sea. Listen to the hypnotic beats, relax and congratulate yourself on being there. Dream away as you watch the sun drop in the Mediterranean Sea. Your own Croatia sailing adventure is soon about to begin…

As it gets dark the ´Croatian Athens´ is transformed dramatically into a stunningly romantic backdrop for you to lose track of time as you enjoy pristine quality seafood fresh from the catch, have a glass of wine and watch the international crowd walk past. Most visitors coming to this town for the first time will have a look of sheer wonder and joy on their faces. Dubrovnik does just that: It makes people happy to be alive and its amazingly intact walls are a sight to behold forever.

Now finally it is time – are you ready for your sailing yacht Dubrovnik? Planning a trip, preparing and looking forward to it, is a pure pleasure in itself. The brilliant infrastructure, rich natural produce and friendly, helpful attitude of the locals will all contribute to ensure your preparations run smoothly. So go ahead now and explore the immense variety and beauty of the Croatian islands. You might just find it is the best holiday you ever had!
Felix Wolf

Felix Wolf is co-founder and owner of YachtBooker. He is a charter skipper himself and enjoys discovering new sailing areas.

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