June 03 2020

Country Openings for Summer Sailing 2020

Thanks to the calming-down of the Corona issues, Europe is finally opening up its borders for yacht charter holiday makers! This means that you are allowed to travel from certain dates on into the Mediterranean countries listed below in order to embark on a rented charter yacht. 

Summer 2020 Yacht charter despite Corona Crisis

Yes, you can book a boat charter for the summer months. Countries like Spain, Croatia, Italy and Greece are opening their public life since begin of May. From mid of May in most destinations, marinas are re-opened and port authorities countries already allow private boat trips for groups of up to 10 persons. National water sport associations and big tour operators are sorting out the opening of the touristic activities with the governments. Boat rental operators already took precautions for arriving guests to offer them the best possible hygienic conditions during embarking and check-out procedures. Almost all companies have policies that allow customers to reschedule their booked vacations in case of "Force-Majeure" issues.

In summer 2020, you will definitely not contribute to over tourism!

You are allowed to travel from certain dates on into the Mediterranean countries listed below in order to embark on a rented charter yacht.

CroatiaBoat charters guest can enter the country since mid of May. In order not to lose time at the border, incoming tourists can fill out this online form upfront: http://entercroatia.mup.hr/

ItalyTourists can enter the country from 3rd June on. Boat charters are also allowed.

Spain: Incoming travellers still need to go into a 14 days self-quarantine as long as the Corona-Alarm is valid. A lift of these restrictions cannot be expected before end of June.

Greece: Marinas are open since the 25th of May and yachting is allowed. Quarantine restrictions will be lifted. Incoming international travels should be allowed from 15th June to Athens airport and from 1st July on to all Greek airports.

This year you can expect to experience the Mediterranean sailing destinations relaxed and unspoiled like you have never imagined before.

Be aware that you should be able to present your travel voucher, the charter contract and a filled crew list. So better print those documents out and have it ready to show.

We give you some advises how your sailing holiday 2020 will be carefree and safe:

  • Do not travel if you feel sick - verify with your crew members also.
  • Use the online provisioning services provided in the vouchers.
  • Follow the improved check-in procedures of boat rental providers.
  • Avoid to visit touristic highlights during peak times.
  • Dine in local bay restaurants where terraces are spacious.
  • Take advantage of strengthening your immune system through direct sun light.

We are confident that the positive physical and spiritual benefits of a watersport vacation will boost your natural body defences against all kind of diseases. The travel experience will also release stress created during the COVID-19 crisis. However, we advise you to always follow the local rules and obey the orders from authorities for a safe and secure boating vacation.

(This is information that we researched through press releases and interviews with local charter company owners. The mentioned rules for travel can change.)

Felix Wolf
Felix Wolf

Felix Wolf is co-founder and owner of YachtBooker. He is a charter skipper himself and enjoys discovering new sailing areas.

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